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October 16, 2005


What is this thing we call a "Sunday Sermonette"?

Brother Revere explains:

[NB: We have acquired many new regular readers in recent weeks, so we either alert them or warn the that every Sunday we devote time to freethinker words or thoughts, our Sunday Sermonettes. We have been doing this for a long time. Some readers love it. Some hate it. We just do it. It won't get you anywhere to complain. Encouragement, however, is always welcome.]

Congratulations to Revere and Effect Measure on the well-deserved traffic increase. Time may have discovered bird flu this week, but EM has been sounding the alarm for at least a year.

As co-conspirator Cervantes says, it's hard work.


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Lindsay, if you're looking for a Sunday Sermonette resource, you might want to pick up Women Without Superstition edited by Annie Laurie Gaylor. It's a collection of writings by a wide variety of women freethinkers and well worth the price.

Consider yourself encouraged - by at least my small voice - we need all the humane reasoned stuff we can get.
I'm still writing your site down on dup pads at every available opportunity in my local haunt.

Hey Lindsay, thanks for the link, I just caught it. I'm gonna put you on my blogroll, should have done it a while ago. . .

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