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October 19, 2005

Texas court issues warrant for DeLay

Down to the wire...

Texas court issues warrant for DeLay

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) -- A Texas court on Wednesday issued a warrant for former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay's arrest, and set an initial $10,000 bail as a routine step before his first court appearance on conspiracy and state money laundering charges.

Travis County court officials said DeLay was ordered to appear at the Fort Bend County, Texas, jail for booking, where he'd likely be fingerprinted and photographed. DeLay's lawyers had hoped to avoid such a spectacle.

The warrant, known as a capias, is "a matter of routine and bond will be posted," DeLay attorney Dick DeGuerin said.

The lawyer declined to say when DeLay would surrender to authorities but said the lawmaker would make his first court appearance Friday morning. [...]


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Are you going to be down in Texas by Friday, Lindsay? I hope so! Even as a Canadian, I don't like these Texas varmints.

Isn't the Fort Bend County Jail over by Houston, not Austin?

I'm pretty sure my cousin Jimmy works there...not that we're close.

FOrt Bend County would be Sugar Land (30 miles SW of Houston, or some 150 miles from Austin). I think the previous articles alluded to the fact that he could be booked in his home county.

I can't wait for the news media to start referring to DeLay using the criminal construct of all three names, as in "Thomas Dale Delay was booked on charges..."

I'm leaving for Texas at six o'clock tomorrow morning. On the advice of a shrewd reader, I'm not saying too much about the exact itinerary--but you can bet I'll be there.

Godspeed--er, Big-Bang-chemical-reaction-speed you, Lindsay :) Take care of yourself down there, we'll be looking forward to the reports.

"a matter of routine and bond will be posted,"

It's a routine matter for people accused of a serious crimes. It is not a routine matter for most people. I can't remember it happening to me, but, then again, if it's so routine, maybe I just forgot.

Be careful ... even though it's Austin, it's still Red State Amurrica.

ALERT: Tom DeLay is on the lam and blogging for your support!

I just read the DeLay has turned himself in. Tell me you did not miss the extravaganza!

Don't feel bad if you missed the DeLay perp-walk Lindsay...

There's still plenty of time to get to DC for Fitzmas Morning...

With any luck, U.S. Marshals in their storm-trooper gear will have to make a "forced entry" on a "felony warrant service" down at Scooter's crib... or even better a high speed chase on the Beltway before Rove careens his car out of control into the Potomac...

Sorry... got a little carried away there...

mojo sends

I don't understand why you people are afraid to come to Texas (especially Austin). I have been a Texan all my life, don't believe everything you hear.

Lindsay: Did you get the shot? NYTimes reports "that was fingerprinted, photographed and released on $10,000 bond Thursday after turning himself in at the Harris County sheriff's office in downtown Houston. about noon, local time.

Allen: "...don believe everything you hear." Actually, Allen we are having problems believing anything we hear.

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