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October 22, 2005

Thank you!

We did it! So many people helped to make the Tom DeLay perp walk coverage possible. I'm incredibly grateful to everyone for their support.

Shout outs to: Majikthise readers whose generous contributions made the coverage possible, Amanda who put me up in Austin and showed me great time, the super-cool Austin bloggers who really know how to celebrate a perp walk, behind-the-scenes "fixers" OT, TR, RC, and GS (who know who they are), the professional media on the scene who couldn't have been more gracious and collegial, and Bob from Swing State Project who came up with the idea of blogging the perp walk in the first place.

And, of course, to the the Bugman whose electric grin lights up a room.


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Great to meet you, Lindsay. Tell everybody within your elite East Coast cricles that we're not all mouthbreathing hicks! And you're right about Tom's winning smile... I'll stop the world and melt with him any day.

You are having way too much fun blogging. =)

let's hope his electric grin gets even more electric

Thanks for coming! I had a blast.

It was nice to meet you.

It was great to meet you! If you ever require werewolf assistance, let me know.

I just want to thank you for the expression "Tom Delay perp walk." I had not heard the expression "perp walk" before reading your blog, and I just love the way it rolls off the lips -- especially coupled with the name "Tom Delay."

My boyfriend and I sit often in a local bistro reading bits of the newspapers to aloud to each other while drinking coffee and eating naughty things. Today he read/showed me an article about something so awful I'm not even going to tell you about it. "Oh, my goodness, how dreadful!" I said. "Argh! I'm really depressed now!"

Then I told him, "Quick! Find me something about Tom Delay's perp walk to cheer me up!"

The very phrase "Tom Delay's perp walk" -- both saying it and hearing it -- made us giggle and feel better.

Meanwhile, nice job. Thanks.

Great job. Now I think we need to raise money for you AND Amanda, both, to go to DC and cover the upcoming Perp PARADE.



Grats on the great coverage! :)

>I had not heard the expression "perp walk" before reading your blog, and I just love the way it rolls off the lips -- especially coupled with the name "Tom Delay."

I quite agree. Peeeeeerrpp Waaaalk. Tooom Delaaay Peeerrp Walk. Sooooooper Geeeeenius.

Thanks for the great photos and coverage. Regarding the fellow holding the "Welcome to Waterloo" poster with Delay as Napoleon: for those who may not know, before the Republic of Texas established Austin as its capital, the hamlet or settlement that existed at the site was called Waterloo. There remain in Austin many references to this earlier name. Just thought you might like to know.

Hopefully you are going to be very busy updating the Perp-Walk Gallery. If you could get the shot where they protect the perps head as they duck him into the shiny black car we could make posters. Thanks for the excellent work.

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