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November 29, 2005


The Blogging of the President suffered a great loss this weekend when BOP contributor Oldman passed away unexpectedly.

Co-blogger Stirling Newberry writes:

I am the bearer of bad news - long time Bop contributor Oldman died after a short illness over the holidays. While a longer post will come later, it seemed appropriate to note his passing, and regret that the world has lost a brilliant and original thinker who had great promise in his work.

My condolences. Oldman will be missed.

Update: Oldman's obituary


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Thank you Lindsay.

Stirling has put up an obituary, as well, for those who want to know a bit more about the man behind the pseudonym and to get the family's contact information for condolences to them.

I already miss him greatly. It is that odd feeling of reaching for someone and realizing they're gone, that the simple presence is there no longer, merely a few keystrokes or a phone call away.

And he does leave a void, he was doing work, and writing articles that can't really be replaced. He wrote differently than other people and thought differently as well.

I hope that an anthology will be gathered, at least on the net but hopefully in print as well.

Thank you. Oldman will be very much missed, and we are working on collecting his material.

As with many creative people, he left a great deal to sift through.

What an interesting guy. I had never read BOPnews before this, and it looks like I'll have a huge backlog of stuff to catch up on. I have an interest in nonlinear dynamics (I wrote my dissertation on it) and have always suspected that tools from NLD (and non-equilibrium thermodynamics) could provide considerable insight into the social sciences. It's sad that I'll only get to know Oldman in the past tense, but from his obit I gather that he would take pleasure in the thought of his ideas propagating ever onwards on their own merits.

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