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November 13, 2005

December 1: Blog Against Racism Day

Chris Clarke of Creek Running North names December 1 as the first annual Blog Against Racism Day:

Society needs to have this discussion. But the responsibility for discussing racism has long been relegated to those people most directly affected by it. In other words, people who aren't white. Us white folks have the luxury of not thinking about racism on a daily basis. As a result, most of us don't. I think it would be helpful if we started to do our share of that particular chore.

Which is all a very long-winded way of declaring December 1, 2005 - the 50th anniversary of Rosa Parks' heroic act of civil disobedience on that Montgomery bus - "Blog Against Racism" day, in which people post something on the very broad and complex subject of racism. You don't need to have a political blog to participate. Race, after all, affects almost every aspect of life in one way or another. Your post might be literary in nature, or historical, or concern current issues in need of political attention. You might take the opportunity to debunk scientific racism, or write poetry or essays about personal experiences, uplifting or depressing.

I'm in.

Appropriately, World AIDS Day also falls on December first.


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I'm in too, but please remind us forgetful souls one or two days ahead of time so that we can all take a little extra time to write something worthwhile.

No problem. I have alerted iCal, so I won't forget.

If we're to be blogging against racism, then lets not forget the very recent activities of the Democratic Party in Maryland.

There is an effort to keep black voters to on the Democratic plantation, and the Democrats are using " any means necessary " against blacks who deviate from the party line.

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