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November 08, 2005

Louisiana's regressive rebuilding plan

Yesterday, Louisiana Governor Katheen Blanco began a 17-day legislative session to formulate a rebuilding plan for New Orleans. Southern Studies reports that the Governor has set clear priorities for managing the State's $1 billion budget shortfall: spending cuts and corporate give-aways:

Blanco cut $431 million out of the budget Saturday, slicing from state agencies almost across the board, including a $222 million hit to health care services and a $71 million cut in spending on public colleges [...] "Some of you will consider these cuts too painful and you will try to avoid them. Let me warn you: this is just the beginning," Blanco said.

As a counterpoint to the legislative session, the community action group ACORN is hosting a parallel Community Forum for Rebuilding New Orleans in Baton Rouge (November 7-8).

Watch the ACORN webcast.


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