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November 16, 2005

Peeps, smoking, and alcohol

Conclusion: The synergistic effect of smoking and alcohol in Peeps produces a rapidly exothermic oxidation reaction, leading to a chemical and morphological divergence from the wild-type Peep phenotypes.

Groundbreaking research on the health effects of smoking and alcohol on Marshmallow Peeps.

[Via The Presurfer]


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I feel like there's something deep and meaningful here but I'm not sure how to put it into words. I think those of who believe peeps deserve a better life than society provides them should really consider this study and what it means. Emotions are churning right now. Peeps are peeps too.

The manifestation of peeps within our shared ontology is a result of other shared constructs; the purported resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth, refined simple carbohydrates in the form of a luxury food. Peeps are vegetarian. Further study should include detailing peeps' circulatory system (if any) and physiological data transmission. Peeps may or may not be subject to benefit or detriment from exercise or drug use, albeit a rational anthropocentric hypothesis.

What a brave but drunk peep is thinking in its final bright moment. a bursting bright moment.


Some Say That George Dub's A Lame Duck -- Limerick

"Some Say That George Dub's A Lame Duck,
And that Dubya's agenda is stuck..."

The dilemma of today is not that the human values cannot control a
mechanical science. It is the other way about: the scientific spirit is
more human than the machinery of governments.... The body of technical
science burdens us because we are trying to employ the body without the
spirit; we are trying to buy the corpse of science.

That my friend is exactly is the faith of our friend peeps

Peep haiku

seemingly harmless
their artificial colors
make some men go mad

more peep

(Last fun post from me)

A last shout out
to all my peeps who didn't make it

In the first experiment when that darling little peep was floating in alcohol I was relieved to see that nobody cut off one of its ears while a radio played "Stuck In The Middle With You".

Do peeps have ears?

I don't think they have ears per se. I think it's more like the membranes amphibians have. BTW, I hope none of you strict vegetarians eat these little fellows. Marshmallows don't count as animal ingredient free because they use gelatin.

Were these stale peeps or fresh peeps?

My concern is the little purple marshmallow bunnies ... much tastier than Peeps. And they clearly have ears. And because they are not vegetables, they feel! The horror ...

With the frontal assault on science that's taking place in places like Dover PA and Kansas, I find it refreshing that researchers are continuing their relentless search for truth in this otherwise confusing Universe!

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