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November 02, 2005

Recommended reading

The Nitpicker invites us all to steal this pic:


Chris Kromm blogs about another battle of epic proportions, the impending showdown between Wal-Mart and Wal-Mart Watch

Media Matters reports that Fox host Bill O'Reilly asked his co-host to protest in a bikini:

On the October 26 broadcast of Westwood One's The Radio Factor, O'Reilly, "outraged" at a recent CBS News poll on border control, asked female co-host, Lis Wiehl, to protest CBS clad in a bikini. O'Reilly first asked Wiehl -- an author, Harvard trained law professor, and Fox News legal analyst -- to stand outside CBS News with a sign. He then said that "just you with the sign may not do it." When Wiehl asked, "What should I do?" O'Reilly simply replied, "Bikini." Wiehl resisted, and O'Reilly questioned her, asking, "Don't you love your country?" and "Don't you want fairness in the media?" before positing definitively that "there's no other way."

Meteor Blades on America's secret prisons

Robin of 3QD on the first issue of The Human Security Report


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Betcha O'Reilly in a bikini would have gotten FAR more "coverage" isn't quite the right word...oh! Attention. Bill O'Reilly in a bikini would gather far more attention.

How about it Bill? Don't you love your country?

Sorry for the duplicate pings. MT is feeling frothy tonight.

And... Jodie... I'm going to go put out my mind's eye now.


O'Reilly, with his history of sexual harrassment makes a comment like that to "an author, Harvard trained law professor, and Fox News legal analyst"? Why would a woman like that put up with comments like that for O'Reilly? I mean, really.

And, in addition, WTF is wrong with the CBS News Poll that he'd want her to be protesting anyway? I don't get it at all.

I think falafel-boy is going over the edge here - he's totally losing it. I think his talk of "retirement" is just a cover for his increasingly obvious untreated syphillus.

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