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November 08, 2005

Reform Ohio Now

Tim Tagaris is liveblogging the election results for Reform Ohio Now:

[Swing State Project] is your one stop shopping for information on the Reform Ohio Now amdendments. You can follow the election results live at Ohio's Secretary of State Website. I'll be keeping a tally here and over at Grow Ohio while providing the latest information from what I see on local TV and a direct line to the good folks at RON in Cleveland. The polls close at 7:30 Eastern time, so start checking back in around then.

If you haven't voted yet, do it now!

(Don't mind me, I'm still in basking in post-voting elation. I always get keyed up for a few hours after casting my ballot, even when I don't expect my candidates to win.)


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VA and NJ got democrats gov.

I voted for RON today, and we got smeared. Around 70-30 on all four, I think.

Liveblogging is a word that seems pretty overrated - it seems to suggest more than what it is - typing and reporting.

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