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November 01, 2005

Secret Society at CBGB tomorrow

Thad's band, Secret Society, will be performing at the CBGB lounge tomorrow night. The show starts at 10pm, and the cover is $10. (Details)

It's going to be a great show. I'll be there taking pictures.


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Thad, can you move your gig in front of the perp walk? :p okay maybe not.

Hey, how about picture of Thad's gig instead? (I can't believe they save CBGB)

Hey secret society is pretty good. (just prawled their site. I couldn't resist to make a short and nice play list. I hope Majikthis doesn't kick my ass. :D I can't help it, I must have been a radio DJ of some sort in my previous live. Don't worry all link are legit promo links)

Here we go,

short list - Transit to Zero point.

"Transit" by Secret society

"Leap of Faith" by Jeff Richman

"play delicate, desire quiet" by Grace Cathedral Park

"Real Quiet" by Sonna

"Seneca" by Tortoise

"Hello! We Move Through Weather! (Edit)" by Tarentel

"Zero point" by Rogers Sisters

Pardon my ignorance - this is what I get for living in the midwest - but I thought CBGB was torn down. Did it get a last minute acquittal, courtesy of all the efforts going into saving it?

CGBG got a last-minute reprieve at the end of the summer. A Manhattan judge ruled that the club didn't owe any back rent to its landlord, the Bowery Residents Committee. This was a big deal because the back rent was some staggering sum the club could never hope to repay. The lease expired at the end of August, which means that CBGB is in the murky but tenant-friendly world of New York real estate disputes. The BRC is trying to force out CBGB by demanding an outrageous rent increase. CBGB may be able to get a more reasonable deal through arbitration, or something. In that case, they'll be able to keep going.

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