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November 28, 2005

Thanksgiving album update

Thanksgiving dinner was a big success. Here's a little more amateur food porn.


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Must resist temptation to click on the link! I am at work now.....could lose my job for looking at a nakkid bird. uh oh! I can't stop myself.

Ugh! a dismembered nekkid bird! pretty kinky.

Turkey wings browning, then turkey cooked--with wings in place! What kind of mutant birds are you growing in Manhattan? Is it H5N1 caused mutation?

Heckuva job, browning!

Don't forget our dearly leader's daily thought. His thanksgiving message. har har.

hi... well you all no that it is thanks givin time and it is time for america to be given thanks for all the things that it has to be thank full for... and one of them is god givin me to be the dear leader of america.

be cause i have had a lot of acomplishmints in the... three or four years i have been president. and they are

It might be amateur food porn, but it looks just as good as professional food porn to me, and it's free! Man, I love the internet.

Looks like Ikea. You cleaned everything off special for the pix, didn't you?

I'm a veg and went to a friend's house. There were a few things I could eat, but I'm a pro.

Pumpkin pie. God, I want some! (My hosts' dessert was a scruptious chocolate caramel tort, so none this season =(.)

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