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December 12, 2005

Alito's backers threaten Dems

Matt Stoller notes that the Republican senators in charge of shepherding Sam Alito onto the Supreme Court are threatening to smear Democrats who question Alito's character:

The GOP team working with the White House to win confirmation of conservative Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito is putting out a warning to Alito's Democratic critics: Question his ethics and character at your own peril. In their sights: Sens. Edward Kennedy and Joe Biden. "We're absolutely prepared to have an ethics debate with Teddy Kennedy," says one insider who mentioned the "C" word: Chappaquiddick. "Questioning Alito's credibility and character will be hit back hard," said one of the Alito supporters. []

The arrogance of Alito's backers is appalling. How dare they try to intimidate their colleagues? It's the Senate's job to question Alito's credibility and character.


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Frist is trying one last-dash attempt to salvage his 2008 Presidential aspirations. I think it goes something like this...

GOP Leadership: Look, we tried playing nice...

Democrats: What are you talking about?

GOP Leadership: But you didn't want to be reasonable...

Democrats: I seriously haven't the foggiest idea...


I can't overstate how profoundly not-scared I am of "the 'C' Word."

Q: What did Ted Kennedy say to Gary Hart?

A: You should have let me drive her home.

ca. 1988

joo must be joking.
¿Thees ees their how-joo-say "Beeg-gun"?

hah! I bathe myself at their Chappaquiddick".

(bathe bathe)


In addition, of course, two parties can play at that game...

That's a good point. But it'd be pretty hard to counter the Chappaquiddick allegation! What are the odds that a member of the current Bush family was once at fault in a fatal car accident but inexplicably escaped any kind of responsibility?

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