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December 29, 2005

BCCLA "Hotties and Naughties"


We do things a little differently here in Vancouver… This particular item from CKNW is so many kinds of weird, I don't even know how to snark at it.

"The 2005 list of "hotties and naughties" for the BC Civil Liberties Association has been released and the Vancouver Police are making an appearance on both sides of the list.

The list recognizes people the association believes have helped and hindered civil liberties.

This year the Vancouver Police Department is being applauded for posting their policy manual on the V-P-D website.

But Police Chief Constable Jamie Graham made the "naughty" list for suggesting new Mayor Sam Sullivan be investigated after admitting he allowed a drug user to smoke crack in the back of his van years ago.


The list has been around for years...formerly called brickbats and bouquets."


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One of the weirdest is that in Canada "hotties" and "naughties" actually rhyme.

They do in Texas too. I believe linguists refer to it as the "cot/caught merger", and it's a pretty widespread phenomenon. I personally can't even imagine how the words (cot and caught) could be pronounced differently.

It gets even murkier when you throw "Hawt" into the mix. Soon we'll have hawties.

I pronounce cot with a flat "o", but caught with a slight diphthong effect, as when George Costanza says "I'll have cawfee," or when Tim Robbins says, "Cawl ya mutha. Cawl ya mutha!" to Robin Williams in Cadillac Man.

Are stripper cops a Canadian invention? Were they originally stripper mounties? Shame on me; all this time I was only giving credit to them for inventing Canola.

that dude is hot
civil liberties what?

Is Majik trying to increase her street creds ? lol.

"I personally can't even imagine how the words (cot and caught) could be pronounced differently."

I moved away from Philadelphia about 20 years ago, down to DC. In Philly, "cot" and "caught" are extremely different. Even in DC they are a little different.

What I find interesting about Philly-speak is the huge difference in "can", as in "can of soup" or "I can do it". The former has a twangy short "a" sound, the latter sounds like "kin". It is made even more bizarre by the pronunciation of "can't", which sounds like the soup can with a "t" on the end rather than "kin't".


Yeah, uh, is there a civil liberties issue here? I was too busy cruising the hot cop guy and thinking that the VPD gets WAY better shirts than the fuzz down here in Seattle.

"Macho macho (MACHO MAN!) I've got to be -- a macho man!"

(Pardon me)

heh, several more days, the entire blog will lost all it's frontpage post. It'll be a zen exercise of serenity.

blank nothingness.

Lindsay is a mink... And I love
her. This is not a wize crack
and I am not getting paid to
show and tell. Just a little
sivile libertay to express
thanks for her perspectives in
2005. Very good duds on the
studs in the North West.
SEA - YVR Best Wishes for you
real world activities in 2006..
readers... rtg

Happy New Year to all! And to all a hot night!

"I'm going to take this long heavy stick to you."

"It seems to me that I ought to object, and maybe lodge a complaint with the American consul, but...." head...

where am I? what year is this? Have I been out for long? ...

Sam Sullivan... Grrrr....

Speaking of hotties in black, did anyone catch the GG's New Year address? Was that outfit rubber or leather or vinyl or what? And her personal crest, with the black mermaids and the slogan "Briser les Solitudes"? Okay with me!

I guess this explains why the Conservatives are in bed with the separatist Bloc Quebecois. Another ex-Reform Party reactionary shows his true colours.

"Tory campaign manager resigns over web posting
Internet remarks threatened push for Alberta separation

Archie McLean
CanWest News service
Published: Sunday, January 01, 2006

Edmonton Conservative MP Peter Goldring's campaign manager resigned Friday over comments he posted on an Internet message board that suggest local Conservatives will start working toward Alberta separation if the Liberal party is re-elected."

linked on the blog along with "the president says we do not tortiere" complete with French-Canadien recipe

Um, who is the guy in the photo? Does Vancouver have hot, tall, dark handsome cops like him running around? Dayyum!

Who the fuck cares? Honestly... Jesus

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