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December 03, 2005

Belated Friday Random 10

1. "Emotional Weather Report", Tom Waits
2. "Calling Trains", Utah Phillips
3. "Dawna", Morphine
4. "Grey Walls", Richard Thompson
5. "That's Alright Mama", Elvis Presely
6. "The Captain", Kasey Chambers
7. "Sweet Jane", Velvet Underground
8. "Disposable Heros", Metallica
9. "Miss You Much", Lucinda Williams


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Now that's a nice list you have there.

Kirsty MacColl - Sun on the Water
Tindersticks - Mistakes
John Stewart - Oldest Living Son
Bob Seger - Tales of Lucy Blue
Klaus Schulze - Floating
Echo & the Bunnymen - The Cutter
Muddy Waters - Howling Wolf
Ry Cooder - Nitty Gritty Mississippi
Over the Rhine - Drunkard's Prayer
Chris Duarte Group = The Thrill is Gone

1. When the Lights Go On Again - Vera Lynn
2. Turn of the Century - Yes
3. This Town - The Tubes
4. War - Edwin Starr
5. Ball of Confusion - The Temptations
6. Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding - Elton John
7. Sensation - Bryan Ferry
8. Lovers in a Dangerous Time - Bruce Cockburn
9. Across this Antheap - XTC
10. Golden Slumbers/Carry that Weight/The End - The Beatles

Was pleased to see Richard Thompson on your list. I just saw him live on Wednesday night (my first time seeing him live, though being a long-time fan.) Here's my review:

Bottom line: What an immense talent. Totally lived up to my high expectations.

1. Song For The Dumped - Ben Folds Five
2. That Sunday, That Summer - Nat King Cole
3. White Flag - Dido
4. Paid In Full - Eric B. and Rakim
5. Woodpecker From Mars - Faith No More
6. Crazy On You - Heart
7. Symphony Of Destruction - Megadeth
8. Sleepwalk - Santo and Johnny
9. Everybody Wants You - The Unband
10. D.O.A. - Van Halen


Abbey Road, IMHO, is the best Beatles album. I even included "You Never Give Me Your Money" in my Random 10 a couple of weeks ago. I especially love how they ended it that record. Another great song on that album that hardly ever gets air play: "I Want You (She's So Heavy)".

Awesome song.

"flora barone (live at BBC)" by marissa nadler



Are you on a Master Of Puppets kick? This week you have "Disposable Heroes", and one or two weeks back you had "Damage, Inc". Funny, I think my very first comment on your site was when you posted the "I-Cross" article, and one of the songs I included in my I-Cross list was "Leper Messiah". Master Of Puppets is one of Metallica's best albums, but I think Kill 'Em All and ...And Justice For All are a little bit better. Just a little.

I think iTunes is on a Master of Puppets kick. It just keeps showing up. It's the only Metallica album I own.

Ah, so it truly is a random selection. I don't own an iPod. I do a semi-random selection by closing my eyes while I scroll down through my album list on my PC's MusicMatch Jukebox, and then suddenly stop and click. I then choose whatever song I want off that album. Call it random-cherry picking.

Below is an absolutely positively random pick from my library, as a tribute to your random selection.

1. Tryin' To Throw Your Arms Around the World - U2
2. May This Be Love - Jimi Hendrix
3. Word Up! - Melanie B.
4. I'm Running - Yes
5. Drivin' With Your Eyes Closed - Don Henley
6. Southern Cross - Crosby, Stills & Nash
7. Longview - Green Day
8. Too Drunk To Fuck - Dead Kennedys
9. Just One Fix - Ministry
10. Movement In Still Life - Bt

The quiet and sweet half a list

"Sunshower" by Clarelynn rose

"new century program" by ponies in the surf

"Can You See the Hard Helmet on My Head?" by My Morning Jacket

"Valo Tihkuu Kaiken Läpi" by Paavoharju

"Concrete jungle" by Mig (a sweet song)


Quickie mp3 for dummy:

- what's mp3?
It's a type of music file, where it compressed regular CD music so it can be transfered easier via network because of smaller size.

- Why should I care about mp3?
Cheap and new music, the type no big record company wants to distribute are mostly floating around in mp3 format.

- Really?
yeah. Who can't resist cheap and new music?

- Really?
yeah really, really

- So what do I need?
You need an mp3 player in your computer. You can use Window media player, or download a freebie one from

-Where can I find music?
various web sites over music sampler. go to link below to see various sites and search trick to find mp3.

-I don't know anything about current music scene. All those titles are weird. Anyway, I can find out what's good to hear these days?

There are some tools that can help you on the net. recommend list. (try the user generated one, they are excellent. start from artists you then associate outward from there)

- I don't like music. Will mp3 change that?
not until somebody make mp3 in chocolate cookie form. You will have to wait a while yet tho'

- Hey you are making fun of me.

oh, okay. well, most Podcasts (ie. downloadable radio programs that you can listen in one of those portable digital audio players) are also in mp3 format. You can subscribe those shows and let your computer automagically download it. (Download ipodder)

-Can mp3 make me slimmer and more attractive?
no. Sorry.

Too lazy to make a nice list, I'll make a nice one tommorrow or something.

have a bunch of 2005 top ten lists.

Metalist List.


>Abbey Road, IMHO, is the best Beatles album. I even included "You Never Give Me Your Money" in my Random 10 a couple of weeks ago.

Thank you John, I remember that. I think I made sure to give you a shout out for that mention of "You Never Give Me Your Money." Abbey Road was always the album that I found most personally affecting. It was a great culmination of the great production work George Martin did with them.

Richard Thompson is a fine, fine artist.

>I'm Running

Hey, I remember that one! I loved that one. It's been ages.


Nice thing about Hendrix (or any other classic act, for that matter) is that the obscure b-sides never get (over)play(ed), because of the strictly straitjacketed nature of radio airplay. So I can still greatly enjoy "You Got Me Floatin'" from Axis: Bold as Love, and "In From the Storm," and the song you mentioned from the first one.

1 - Times Like These - Foo Fighters
2 - Tears All Over - A Girl Called Eddy
3 - Stupid Girl (Danny Saber Remix) - Garbage
4 - Gloria - U2
5 - Duel - Bond
6 - Never There - Cake
7 - Lucretia My Reflection - The Sisters Of Mercy
8 - Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley
9 - Fourth of July - Dave Alvin
10 - Rock The Casbah - The Clash

As always, from iTunes Party Shuffle (which weighs my more highly rated songs more heavily, but still random) So I was disappointed to see my least favorite Clash song up there, I mean, I have almost their entire catalog and this is the best it can come up with?!?

Oh great. Now the bar downstairs is doing "Brandy". Like I don't hear that 6 nights a week. sigh.

My even more belated list:

  1. Beneath the Balcony - Iron & Wine
  2. Sadie Green - Special Ed and the Shortbus Bluegrass Band
  3. Crossroad Blues - Robert Johnson
  4. La Goualante De Pauvre Jean - Edith Piaf
  5. Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley
  6. Somebody Done Changed - Louis Jordan
  7. God - Tori Amos (from a live show at the Roxy in Atlanta)
  8. Bill's Bounce - Bill Elliot Swing Orchestra
  9. I Wear Your Dress - Anaïs Mitchell
  10. Into the Fire (Extended Remix) - Sarah McLachlan
  11. Me and My Chauffeur - Lucinda Williams

No More Love Songs - Lloyd Cole
The Boys Are Back In Town - Thin Lizzy
Coral Moon - John Cale
Loneliness Finds Her Own Way - Clem Snide
Dark-Eyed Sister - Brian Eno & Harold Budd
Orgao - Ramuntcho Matta
Means To An End - Joy Division
I Can't Love Without You - Willie Hightower
I Know It Well - Ron Sexsmith
Bananas And Blow - Ween

Half a list for quiet evening.

“étoile” by Delphine Dora

“Body & Soul (The Grace Cathedral Concert)” by Cal Tjader

“Les_sons_et_les_parfums_tournent_dans_l’air_du_soir” by Debussy

“Search For Peace” by Ravi Coltrane (click on download)

“Jimbo’s Lullaby” by Debussy

“Brennivin’” by The Album Leaf


early lazy sunday evening.

A conceptual stunt double, the list.

"brazilian sun" by CocoRosie

"stir it(Acoustic Sessions)" by up Bob Marley

"C + F" by Sam Prekop

"Your Love Is Mine" by Holly Golightly

"Fake French" by Le Tigre


The good night list.

The very last list to hear before going to sleep.

"amie" by Damien Rice

"Bees Over Seas" by Cabinet of Natural Curiosities

"Between The Bars" by Elliott Smith

"Rope Of Weeds" by Elysian Fields

"Two Seconds" by Laura Cantrell

"Late Blues" by Ida

"Rock Me To Sleep" by Jill Sobule


That's it. next list will be monday. and It will be obnoxiously loud.

I like Damien Rice.

To make it a nice, round 11:

Shoo-be-do-be-doo-da-day - Stevie Wonder, from "For Once in My Life"



New week has begun. Wake up ye basters...

Let the new shit begin. (if yer the squimish type, download start with Chumbawamba, but yer missing some good stuff)


Junior Kickstart" by The Go Team (hot group, I like 'em alot)

"Time To Build" by The Herbaliser featuring Blade

"Joy" by Four tet & Percee P

"Prehysteric Man" by Scott Marshall

"Jacob's Ladder (Not In My Name)" by Chumbawamba

"Tomorrow On the Runway" by Innocence Mission


this goes on top of the list, the first song.

"Old Shit/New Shit" by Ells

Not a big Ramones fan, but I like what Pandagon is saying

All this is quickly becoming moot, though, because with the three major members of the band dead and gone, their place in the canon is solidified. Death has a way of clarifying these things, which is a tendency that extends beyond rock fandom. The Catholic Church for one has made it clear it's only possible to become a saint long after you're dead. So I think the major frustration for hardcore Ramones fans that's driving the embitterment theme in this movie is becoming obsolete. But I highly recommend seeing it anyway, especially if you like their music but don't know too much about the way that the band members really had divergent tastes and how the struggle between Joey's romantic affection for pop music and Johnny and Dee Dee's desire to push for a harder sound sort of gave birth to the hodge-podge of both that I for one think is unique and influential enough to justify their canonization as the "first" punk band.

I had some free time on my hands the other day, so I created a Webjay playlist with three days of live Elliott Smith.

Here it is, in order by show date
And randomized

-Paul Kemp
Trash Treasury

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