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December 12, 2005

Corey Maye

Battle Panda is organizing a blogswarm on behalf of death row inmate Corey Maye. Maye is a black man from Mississippi who was sentenced to death for shooting a police officer who burst into his home on a late-night no-knock drug raid. The raid awakened Maye who, fearing for his own safety and that of his 18-month-old daughter, fatally shot Officer Ron Jones. It turned out that the police had raided the wrong half of the duplex.

Radley Balko has more details.


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What does the NRA think of this? Surely Maye is a living embodiment of their philosophy of home protection?

Wow! That's some justice system you've got. Convicted because his lawyer got religious, and he was rude to his elders. Thar's a man whut needs to be hanged, fer sure! Twelve honest citizens can't be wrong!

Do you have judges in the US? Are they participants in your trials? Where were the judges in this case? What the hell is going on down there?

We've put up a petition regarding the case of Cory Maye. Anyone who feels that Maye has been treated unjustly should sign it. We will, in the end, be publishing the petition, and the signatures, as an ad in a major paper (yet to be decided). The petition will also be mailed to the govenor of Mississippi.

Sorry, I meant to include the link to the petiton:

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