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January 08, 2006

Alec Rawls trolls Tbogg

Crooks and Liars spots the funniest comments thread in internet history.


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In the comments, I mentioned that everyone should stop fighting, because surely we could form some kind of overlapping concensus and get along.

I should've been smacked.

Spotted this earlier - too funny. But it just goes to show that it's the crazy person never doubts him/herself.

My favorite Rawls quote:

"Just follow reason and evidence, instead of starting with preferred conclusions and looking for excuses to avoid contrary reason and evidence."

Seriously, I'm still pissed off that a handful of parnoids managed to get them to change the design once already, against the wishes of the bereaved.

It is surprising that Rawls overlooked an important piece of evidence in support of his theory. The Flight 93 crash memorial is located in Somerset County, Pennsylvania. A popular attraction in Somerset County is the Seven Springs resort. One of the five pillars of Islam is, of course, the Hajj, or pilgrimage to Mecca. Among the rituals that take place during the Hajj is the Sa'y, which entails running seven times between hills and drinking from Zamam spring (recalling Hagar's running for water). Coincidence? I think not!!!

Rawls certainly is one single-minded porridge skull. "Oh why oh why are they all so blind?" Fanaticism makes the world go round. Unless it's flat of course.

I didn't know Tbogg had comments. I never see a link to post comments when I visit that site. I must be doing something wrong.

Silly me. Found it.

More fives! Ha ha! I've been right all along!

Putting aside his loony notions, is this a correct usage of "troll"? The meaning I inferred was someone who made comments for the sole purpose of being annoying. In his own little world (the colour of whose sky is a vivid paisley), he was merely trying to enlighten us.

One of the comments on Rawls' site suggests that the memorial should include animatronics, apparently in all seriousness. Dingbattery and hideous taste appear to go hand in hand.

Infidel, be silent about the great Mihrab of the Universal Caliphate. You cannot thwart the will of Allah, and to struggle against the inevitable must result in your stealthy doom. We have much yet to do and you threaten to impede us. When the infrared laser has been oriented toward the shrine of the Prophet, then shall al Takwiir be attained. When the 8-hertz pulses intone the Prophet's words, the planet itself must obey. The ancient arts of Al-Kemet are not to be resisted, and the homunculus of the Great Djinn's pure DNA, recombined, takes shape in our retorts as we speak; indeed, the sacred moment of conception is at hand in the precious secret stem cells. Do you not know that the tablet of lofty Iram prescribes an awful penalty for any man who hastes to brings the penetralia to light? The stealthy dispersal of the heavenly lights has already begun. Have you not observed it? The blind speak only of the storms. Hell is as yet only dimly to be seen, but despite your defiance, the earth will soon be clear as glass -- do not look down. The beasts huddle abjectly, out of your sight. Yield to Allah's will, that your willful sin need not cast you into the abyss. Repent and submit, or die, die, die!

If Rawls had stumbled into Utah in the 1800s he could have started the fastest growing church on the planet.

In a way, it's kind of neat to watch. Both Rawls' "theory" and his style of arguing bear all the hallmarks of the Moon Hoax, "Bush/the CIA/the Mossad did 9/11" or "the NWO is coming with their black helicopters and 107,000 white boxcars with shackles to take us all to concentration camps" paranoid conspiracy theories.

The main difference is that while many of the "traditional" PCTs ultimately trace back to anti-Semitism, Rawls has substituted a different hate object. Since the conspiracist worldview requires a designated Evil Other to function, this is merely a modification and not an innovation.

The PCTers who constantly turn up in skeptic discussion fora are usually just repeating crap they found on one of the many Web sites the paranoid conspiracism branch of the entertainment industry has spawned. This is really the first time I've had the chance to observe a PCT being constructed from the ground up.

It reminds me of the time, back when I was a little kid, that my next-door neighbors and I managed to keep a tadpole we had caught alive long enough to observe its metamorphosis into a frog.

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