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January 27, 2006

Coulter: "Poison Justice Stevens"

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas (AP) -- Conservative commentator Ann Coulter, speaking at a traditionally black college, joked that Justice John Paul Stevens should be poisoned. [...]
"We need somebody to put rat poisoning in Justice Stevens' creme brulee," Coulter said. "That's just a joke, for you in the media."[CNN]

Ah, civil discourse.


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why is that conservs are unable to make jokes that do not involve either killing someone, belittling someone, laughing at someone, in short, being unable to grasp the transcendental nature of humankind, weave the dis-similarites into basic human needs that we all feel. Certain Oraters do this intuitively, like MLK, who was a genius. Conversely, well, don't want to summon Godwins's law here, but that guy could raise a crowd who ran after their targets with the blessing of their church. much like present day Amerika and its
hoary harbingers of religious lock-steps.

Instead, there is a constant taunting of one group or another.

I wonder if this display of coulter is emblemic of a larger issue, namely the seemingly universal need of fundies/authoritarians everywhere,,to be emotional-vampires,, crust-laden with their own repressed pathologies in a never-ending night of conquest before the sun rises and reason lifts its head from sleep.

Reason is the wooden stake for these monsters.

Ionesco put it like this when he said, 'The Leader has no head' or as P.McCartney said, 'the movement you need is on your sholder.'

As part of some little show at Harvard Law last year, apparently some of the kids rewrote "Hit Me Baby One More Time" as "Stevens Baby Please Don't Die." I saw a tape of it. Pretty funny.

Does anyone read Ann Coulter anymore for anything but the shock factor?

I'm a nutcase right winger, so I find her hot, but "hot" in a sleazy, Paris Hilton oh-god-I-don't-want-anyone-to-know type way.

Yeah, I think she's the Right's Paris Hilton.

She really does a disservice to those of us on the Right actually interested in talking about policy sensibly and thoughtfully and looking for compromise with those who disagree.

Right-wingers are anti-sex. They are against anything that suggests that sex is anything other than for reproductive purposes. Anti-abortion. Anti-gay. Anti-birth control. Anti-sex ed. Anti-women's rights. Anti-children's rights. Anti-pornography. Anti anything that threatens the patriarchy, which is the model for fascist governments. Ann Coulter is not sexy. She is the symbolic bondage and discipline whore there to beat those with impure thoughts.

This is thread hijacking, but I'm in the mood.

Bob - you're right about us being anti-sex, at least from the surface the Right presents. But your depiction of Ann Coulter makes her sound like a dominatrix, and don't you think there could be something sexy about fake plastic whiny her dressed up in leather, scolding one for having "impure" thoughts?

Or are there bondage & discipline whores who are just not sexy at all, despite being hot?

I dunno.

This is thread hijacking, but I'm in the mood.

Bob - you're right about us being anti-sex, at least from the surface the Right presents. But your depiction of Ann Coulter makes her sound like a dominatrix, and don't you think there could be something sexy about fake plastic whiny her dressed up in leather, scolding one for having "impure" thoughts?

Or are there bondage & discipline whores who are just not sexy at all, despite being hot?

I dunno. Goodness my mind is lost today. My apologies for wasting all of your oxygen and consuming resources writing this.

Lovely. On top of endorsing terrorism (blow up the NYT), and theocratic imperialism, this is not really that big of a deal. Why this idiot gets any air time at all is beyond me. If a left winger were to suggest killing Scalia or Thomas the rightwing bloviosphere would go nuts.

One more comment, then I'll shut up:

On top of endorsing terrorism (blow up the NYT), and theocratic imperialism, this is not really that big of a deal.

You're absolutely right - Miss Coulter has made herself wholly irrelevant by being so over-the-top.

Perhaps that's why the outrage isn't there. This sort of garbage is expected from her.

The larger question is what kind of society has these sorts of celebrities define its politics.

Has she been hanging out with Pat Roberts?

Anyone else notice that the poison goes in his creme brulee- ie he's French, ie a fag. Stevens is the only justice who served in the military. He was in the Navy in WWII, where he won the bronze star. These people just hate war heroes.

Ever since I saw that Joe Dante episode of "Masters of Horror," I think of a particular exchange every time I see Ann Coulter:

"I have to think about my future. I'm not going to be 35 forever."

"You're 41."

Oh, man! I didn't know you had to be french or a fag to eat creme brulee. Damn damn damn. Do you think it may have caused me to become lesbian? I keep hearing about this agenda. Better let my husband know.

ROTFLMAO! HA HA HA! :) :) :)

I haven't heard anything so funny since Voltaire suggested that Leibniz be eviscerated in the public square! Or maybe those James Thurber essays about raping people, murdering them, and leaving their bodies in a shallow grave!

I am not sure if it's a good idea to keep propagating 'Ann Coulter'.

on the web, she would be called 'troll', and the best solution to troll is 'DO NOT FEED THE TROLL'

Ignore her. Anybody notice she is creating wave every several months? making controversial speeches etc?

She is NOT influencing decission making, she is pure media creature. So STOP giving her 'attention'. That is exactly what she wants! She is an agitprop, no more, no less.

Come on people, for bunch of web savvy people, you ought to know better how to counter move various information battle. This is too n00bie-ish.

Squashed Lemon- I have a feeling people are in the mood to pick on someone, I know I am and if anyone deserves being picked on it is Ann Coulter. She looks like a Barbie gone wrong and if I know anything about Barbies from my own misspent youth, it is that the first instinct is to torture it.
She cannot tell a joke, she looks funny and she tries too hard to sound like a freak show. I would just say that she needs to tone down her medications but that would be an attack on the hardworking people at pharmaceutical companies. Whatever the woman is doing, it is meant to put her out as a punching bag and since that is apparently what she wants and I am in the mood to punch someone or something, she wins;)

Yeah...I know there is entertainment value in it. But I thought I would skip the entire process and go right to the end of the process.

isn't this the normal net brawl cycle?

1. initial contact, bash
2. deconstruct
3. flood and demolish
4. name calling the loser and put it in prominent internet spot.
5. victory parade and forever ignore the target.

Didn't we just have long discussio about 'desire and logic of temperament'?

I for one think if we gonna prod ann coulter, we should do it full scale, freestyle... with clear objective. winning and end her function and GOP agitprop. With vicious determination of script kiddies running short of ritalin.

that might be fun.

Coulter's disgusting. Period.

Where I come from, they call women like that psycho-hosebeasts. I think it's appropriate for Ms. Coulter. I don't suppose anyone's seen this site

I think it should put thinkgs in perspective for you.


I thought your first comment was on the mark. Coulter is a rodeo clown. In a rodeo, whenever the bull starts to charge the cowboy, the clown runs into the ring to distract the bull. The bull isn't very smart, and falls for the trick everytime. He charges the clown, who ducks into a barrel until the bull calms down, and the cowboy escapes.

Now that the president is in trouble again, I knew that it wouldn't be long before his rodeo clowns started saying outrageous things to distract the press. Remember when Time had Coulter on the cover? That was during the Bolton nomination flare-up.

On 10/2/04, a month before the election, Kerry pulled ahead in the polls due to a disasterous Bush performance in the first debate, and news that Bush had lied when he said that 100,000 Iraqi troops were fully trained (Reuters put the actual number of trained Iraqis at 8,169). On 10/4/04, Coulter went on Hannity and Colmes to say this:

COLMES: Would you like to convert these people all to Christianity?

COULTER: The ones that we haven't killed, yes.

So, for the next week we got to hear about Coulter advocating genocide instead of the fact that there was no light at the end of the tunnel in Iraq. The bull had fallen for the trick yet again. We'll see if Coulter an her fellow clowns can keep the heat off the president this time around.

She got what she wanted when the wire service, the Associated Press, gave her remarks coverage. That's why she said them in the first place. Had Bill or Hillary or Harry Reid or Nancy P. or any other well known Demo said anything remotely akin to this about a GOPer, he/she would have been flogged by the FOX "News" hounds

So you guys let Kerry lie about wmd's and high school graduate stats but this is a problem for you. I guess that is why the Republican's keep winning. This was a joke not a public lie. Don't forget that after 9/11 all of the Dems voted for war and now that they don't think it is PC they change their tune. Somehow that seems fishy to me, when it is PC they support it when it isn't they lie about it. By the way what is the liberal strategy for the war and the economy?

Well the liberal strategy for the war was not to take it to Iraq. According to historian John Strawson, the first rule of strategy is "correctly to select the primary objective." The second rule is to "concentrate and deploy forces" so as to achieve the object. (Churchill and Hitler, p.9.)

If it's arresting or killing Osama and al Qaeda, which was the primary objective for almost ALL Americans, and indeed for almost all the western world, including the French and Germans and Canadians, after 9/11, then you do that until it's done. You'll notice, for all the complaining about liberal protests against the Iraq war, why--hey, that's interesting! Hardly anyone protested AT ALL against the Afghan war, when we were going after Osama bin Laden. Because that made sense. That's why the French, Germans and Canadians have been in Afghanistan, and are STILL in Afghanistan, with us, since the beginning.

Unseen, you could have stopped here:

>why is that conservs are unable to make jokes

I don't care what anyone says, I'd still love to see Ann and Laura Ingraham in girl-on-girl action! Or better yet, in a three-way with yours truly!!

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