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January 24, 2006

Support the NYU Strike Hardship Fund

Nerds Strike
Originally uploaded by Lindsay Beyerstein.
Robin of 3QD has an update on the NYU grad student strike:

This semester, the NYU administration has "terminated the fellowships" of striking graduate students--in truth, terminated pay, but that would be admitting that they are employees of the university and not apprentices.

In response, the Graduate Student Organizing Committee has set up a Hardship Fund to support strikers, whose srike benefit will fall short of covering expenses, especially in New York City. Specifically, the monies will go towards indispensable expenses such as health care, utilities, and rent for those who have lost their pay.

The students are striking for the recognition of their union and the right to bargain collectively for a contract. They had a union for several years until the National Labor Relations Board ruled that teaching assistants and RAs at private universities weren't really workers.

Please donate to the Hardship Fund, if you can.

Click to see more pictures of the NYU strikers' first day on the picket line, back in November.


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Great photos. It's really a disgrace the way Universities treat their lower-tier workers, considering the pay and benefits they lavish on administrators.

The IRS seems to think that grad students (TAs and RAs at least) are employees. Why haven't I ever seen this argument used? If the university really believes the grads aren't employees, why do they withhold income tax etc? Because in the case of true fellowships, they don't!

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