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January 09, 2006

Worst product ever


Let me get this straight. White, carpeted steps to help your dog jump onto the furniture?

Yes, Doggy Steps. (Sound)

Only in America.


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Don't laugh -- I almost got a stepstool for my cat so he could still get on the bed.

Then my fiance and I decided to keep the cats out of the bedroom in our new apartment, so ... problem solved.

For what it's worth, a friend has a Pekingese who could probably use one of these. His (the dog, not the friend) front legs would qualify as badly deformed in any other breed, so jumping off the bed, especially onto hardwood floors, is a no-no.

I'm not really clear on what is supposed to be funny here. Those steps are a godsend for a lot of animals who don't have the ability to jump up like that.

I think the funny is that we're facilitating allowing our animals on the furniture when we're supposed to be keeping them off.

What M. said.

The number one struggle for the dog owners I know seems to be keeping their pets off the furniture. It struck me as odd that anyone would buy a product to encourage their pets to jump on the couch. And if you were going to to create such a product, white carpet strikes me as the least-practical material you could choose.

That's weird. Everyone I know gives their animals free reign.

Gee, I have really become jaded because I do not believe this product is that bad. At least not for crippled pets who are allowed on furniture.

But then again, how much would it cost to provide them with a DIY step? And funny how all the dogs in the commercial seem to be very brisk and healthy :-) The animal versions of supermodels.

Just pick up the dog and put it on the bed. This isn't a product for dogs. It's a product for lazy-assed humans who can't bother to get up from their magazine.

Besides, it ought to be a glass elevator if you really love your pet.

My dogs are holding out for the power lift.

Some people say you should keep your dog of furniture as a part of establishing that you are the alpha dog. I never really bought into that. I figure as long as I can sit on the couch when I want to, I am still the alpha. It also helps to make the dog ask permission (by sitting or whatever) before getting up on the couch.

The number one struggle for the dog owners I know seems to be keeping their pets off the furniture.

Lay a paper towel or tissue over a small mousetrap. Probably not a good idea for miniature breeds, but won't hurt real dogs.

People sure do LOVE their animals. MSNBC's undercover report "The Plague of Beastiality" to run next week.

This post seems suprisingly curmudgeonly for you, Lindsay.

Lots of people let pets on their furniture. So what? So if the pet is old or fucked up somehow, you give it some help.

And so what if the steps are white? Maybe they'll make it in other colors if that's a problem.

I think there are more important things for you to address from your Internet soapbox.

Look, this reflects the reality of the owner-pet issue.
These steps are not for young dogs as new pets. People tend not to adopt disabled dogs, so what happens is they adopt a young dog, young dog figures out how to worm their way into the owner's heart and thence onto the couch, ten years go by, dog gets old, the fact dog can't get on the couch anymore is a horrible reminder that you're shortly going to lose a good companion of ten years' standing or more, giving your old dog another year on the couch enables you both to avoid the inevitable.

these steps are for old dogs, and old couches.
The sofa's at least as old as the dog. Please keep that in mind.

It may be for arthritic pets, of which I used to have one.

I've gotta get me and Zeke one of these. Thanks, Lindsay.

Ayep, that's pretty bad....think of all the trees that get pulped into particle board to make those....

No, the worst product ever is the Anal Eye.

"Hi Pugsley, I know you have three legs, and you are jealous of Smokey being able to jump up onto things, but Lindsay made fun of Pet steps, so you'll just have jump in that cute, but ultimately unsuccessful way."

Poor Pugsley. *sigh* Such a good little guy.

kei & yuri--

What I liked best about the "anal eye" packaging was that the woman on the package was blushing. I wouldn't have thought you could effectively market a sex toy with the theme, "you will be ashamed of yourself for using this."

As for the steps, I'm very surprised that people seem to think that this post is intended as a condemnation of the product, rather than a lighthearted look at the irony involved.

I think I'll get my sister a set of these steps, so my niece can reach the stove when she wants to help her mom in the kitchen.

The commercial for these is on all the time when I'm at the gym. It's a LOOONG commercial.

What I find dippy isn't so much that people would want such an item--lots of people enjoy having their pets sit in their laps or on the sofa or bed with them--but that anyone would actually BUY such a think when there are tons of objects most people already own (footstools, milk crates, cushions, etc) that would work just as well for the purpose.

For the person who said it's because people are lazy: I think the target audience for this project is probably elderly people, many of whom should not be bending down to lift up objects or animals, for health reasons.

Time to post S&M gear.

People are getting WAY to serious about products.


Horse HARNESH for next person who thinks that step product is brilliant, and a whip and tight rubber suit for next person who thinks that product is silly.

aha... psychoanalyze and contextualize THAT my friend.

Only in America for real. I was in Ireland last summer, and talking to a local couple about their dog, which was a working sheepdog. The dog was beautiful, and was treated a lot better than most dogs over there. I told them about my sister and her husband who let their dog sleep with them on the bed. The couple thought that was the oddest thing. I'd love to see their reaction to a commercial like this on the tube.

Get off my dogs back. He sleeps on my head.

Worst product ever : Tree faces

Hey, my kid wants a tree face for the big maple in our yard (she lives in that thing during clement weather). :p

I didn't get the doggy steps, but I did wrangle the purchase of a cedar chest which we placed at the end of the bed so our old, fat, arthritic cat could get up and down without exacerbating her condition. And my husband is planning to build a fairly large kitty staircase for her so she can get up to the kid's bunk bed.

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