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February 24, 2006

All publicity is good publicity: Majikthise on FOX News Radio

A few days ago, I got an email from a producer at the John Gibson Show asking if I would be willing to appear on a segment they call "Blue Blogapalooza."

Each week on BB, Gibson grills a liberal blogger and throws him or her to the mercy of his callers. Maryscott O'Connor of MyLeftWing has already done two segments on Gibson's show.

Initially I was hesitant. Luckily I was able to seek some blogmotherly advice from Jeralyn of TalkLeft who assured me that all publicity is good publicity.

I also have a real-life example to draw on. I grew up accompanying my father to hostile interviews. Dad is always going on right wing radio to explain why drugs should be legalized or why near death experiences don't prove the existence of God. Dad always likes to say that his job is to be the skunk at the garden party.

The trick is to stand your ground and not take it too seriously. It's political theater. It's going to be fun. Nobody likes knock-down drag 'em out rhetorical combat more than I do. I'm looking forward to playing Mark Luther to Gibson's Al Franken.

At 8pm tonight, I will enter the ring of fire. Here is the call-in number: 888-788-9910.

Wish me luck.

Update: I'm getting Thad to make an mp3 of the show, but it would be great to have a backup recording. If any of you public-spirited podcasters are listening at home, I'd be very grateful if you could record the interview. I'll let you know later on tonight if we'll be needing the backup.


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I disagree with Geralyn on this one. Im listening to the program (and recording it for you as a backup) right now, and besides your presence, this show is terrible and devoid of real discussion. The man wont ever credit you for making a good point and worst of all, his sound effects suck. Commercial Radio is dying because of programing like this, podcasts and satellite will understandably replace them, and I plan to be a part of it.

Anyway you sound great! these commercials, on the other hand, and making my ears burn.

its 2h45am in Amsterdam... Im not sure Ill be able to pull through as Im both tired and annoyed with this guy Gibson. Since he's so gung ho about the war they should send him to patrol the streets of Baghdad... let him enjoy the splendor.

You survived the lions den and did great while there. It took guts to do that. Of course he was not going to give you an inch - "good point" or anything like that. Their purpose is to make fun of a liberal. Your purpose is to question some of their knee-jerk ideas, and that is what you did.

On the other hand...I am such a darned furriner. I have read Douglas Adams and I've been reading this blog for 18 months or so and I just realized for the first time that I was pronouncing the name incorrectly. It never crossed ny mind that it could be pronounced any other way but rhyming with Matisse. And now I know it sounds more like Magic Thighs!!! How embarassing for me! And to first hear it from this lecher, who pronounced it in such a creepy way...yeeew!

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