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February 17, 2006

Arriving in Amsterdam

Dam Square
Originally uploaded by Lindsay Beyerstein.
My first photos from Amsterdam.

I'll keep updating my Bloggers in Amsterdam Gallery as the trip goes on.


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I passed through there last fall on my way to Denmark from Paris, but had a short window of time due to a commitment to make a party in Copenhagen in time. Like most European cities it is just so damn cool on so many levels. The centre is one chaotic mother to drive for this Canadian prairie lad, but not as screwy as Paris. Bikes and trains everywhere. At one point, I had two junkies riding tandem on a bicycle threaten my continued existence in Dutch, as they had the right of way and well... point is I missed them. Look forward to your observations and hope you have a blast Lindsay.

I for one think, Lindsay is posting stock photo of amsterdam while really spending time in bahama. hmmm.....

Did you see actual picture of Lindsay in amsterdam?

aha... somebody ask the hard question ... :p

(PS. hey is it me or amsterdam loo,s cloudy that day?)

a good.. you got a photo of the giant phallus of dam square. hope youre ready for baptism by fire aka riding a bike tomorrow.

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