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February 28, 2006

Bird flu spreads to cats

Depressing cat blogging: A German housecat has become the first mammal in the European Union to die of H5N1 influenzaH5N1 influenza, aka "bird flu."

According to the World Health Organization,59 tigers died of H5N1 in 2004 after being fed contaminated poultry carcasses. Probable tiger-to-tiger transmission has also been reported.

For a big-picture perspective on the pandemic, check out Revere's latest contributions at Effect Measure on Taking Stock of Bird Flu.


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Talking about Health did you see this:,2933,186337,00.html ">Bill Clinton Urges Governors to Help Change Nation's Eating Habits

I wonder if terrorists could try to set off a pandemic by deliberately infecting animals with bird flu and other influenza virusses.

Count Ibis -- Ever read "The Last Flight of Dr. Ain," by James Tiptree, Jr.?

Count Ibis, that question, and others, has been doing the rounds.

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No I didn't read that book. I just had a look here. Very interesting!


Thanks for the link!

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