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February 18, 2006

For God's sake, is this still going on?

Legislature 2006: House OKs bill to have parents notify schools of club objections

Parents who don't want their children to participate in certain school clubs or extracurricular activities might have to notify schools under a bill the Georgia House approved Wednesday.

The clubs bills, aimed at limiting participation to students with parental permission, have been dogged by controversy since they first were introduced in the House and Senate last year.

The new bill requires schools to notify parents of student clubs and gives them an "opportunity" to "withhold permission" for their children. It does not specify how parents are expected to notify schools of their views.

Some critics have charged that the legislation --- which has been supported by conservative groups, including the Christian Coalition of Georgia --- is an attempt to squelch support clubs for gay and lesbian students, which have formed in some Georgia high schools.

"I don't know about you but when I was in school, there was no need for this kind of legislation," state Rep. Len Walker (R-Loganville), said before voting for the measure.

"There was no need for this type of legislation because the clubs and organizations . . . were honorable and were right for kids.

"Isn't it a tragedy that we no longer live in such a state as that?"

Yeah, those were the days. Meanwhile, over in Utah:

A House committee approved a toned-down version of a bill targeting gay support clubs in high schools Friday on an 8-4 party line vote.

HB393 requires a student to obtain written parental permission before joining any school-sanctioned club. Those clubs cannot "encourage criminal or delinquent content," "promote bigotry," or "involve human sexuality."

The amended version would restrict students from advocating premarital sex, discussing the use of contraceptives or exceeding legally accepted sexual education standards, which Shurtleff said simply reinforces current law. 

No discussion of premarital sex or contraceptives without parental permission? Will the teenagers be taking a vow of silence?

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Should bring about a resurgence in popularity of dungeons and dragons though.

Honorable? Honarable! Are these new clubs not buying rounds? Are they making promises they can't keep? Are they letting their friends down? What exactly would be dishonorable about an LGBT club?

""Isn't it a tragedy that we no longer live in such a state as that?"

Yes, it is, and it's your fault.

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