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February 20, 2006

Impeachment: Could It Start in Lil' Rhody?

Before you make too much this, consider the source: a Democratic hopeful for the U.S. Senate most people haven't heard of. Nonetheless, desperation apparently is also the mother of invention. Rhode Island U.S. Democratic Senate candidate Carl Sheeler is making the impeachment of Little Lord Pontchartrain part of his campaign platform. Not a bad sentiment, and I do find some humor value in his campaign slogan, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result."

What's unique is how he wants to start impeachment proceedings:  by having the Rhode Island state legislature send articles of impeachment to the Congress.  It's legal and happened before, albeit not to a president.  (This also makes me wonder why he isn't running for the RI Senate, not the US one). Certainly, there's a strong dislike for Bush in RI, and the governor wouldn't be able to sustain a veto, assuming the vote broke along party lines.

Progressives, liberals, barking moonbats, we need to seriously consider making this option work.

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I think Walter Lippman, no hero of mine, said politics is the art of the possible. This isn't going make it to a Senate trial. let alone remove Bush from office. Rather than invest our energies in a vain hope, we should concentrate them on a Democratic majority in the House this year and staving off McCain or whomever in '08. Those are attainable goals, but not if we dissipate our efforts on a pipedream of impeachment.

Whether this gets to D.C. or not, it's a great rallying point. It will make a lot of the GOP very, very nervous, and that's a good thing.

I kind of like the idea myself. It might be a pipedream but I'd say offer it some modest support.

It couldn't hurt anything. Besides, Rhode Island made all the difference all those years ago. It would be a neat point of history if they could do it again and save our honorable union from the dishonorable adminstration.

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