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February 10, 2006

Introducing Appletree

I just learned that regular commenter gordo has started his own blog Appletree. Check it out.


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Yeah, check it out! It's awesome! Gordo's a genius!

Congratulations to gordo.

It's a great read

I am sorry, the new blog does not provide free coffe and donuts. I am witholding my congratulation until I got my free coffe and donuts. :p

Hey Gordo, the problem with using, they don't let you alter the theme CSS sheet. That means you can't add things like 'technorati', 'sitemeters', 'changing the ping list', or adding fancy sidebar items. (or basically alter the entire blog look)

Blogsome, let you mess around with themes. I for one would move pronto to before people start linking and bookmarking your blog.

there is another dude running a freebie server, but I am not sure if he let new people in again or not. His server maxes out.

I have the feeling people are nagging to let em change the style sheet tho. But they are pretty stubborn.


Thanks for the info. I chose wordpress because I had seen a few blogs that had features that I liked, but I wasn't able to figure out how to use them. I wrote a couple of them, asking for advice, because I wasn't able to make head or tail of the forums. No replies yet, so I'll be checking out blogsome.

Crap. I know this looks bad, but I need everyone to suspend your critical thinking skills when you look at lambchop's posts and believe that I didn't use a sock puppet to endorse my own site and call myself a genius.

Also, I'd like to thank all you visitors and remind you that "no comments" doesn't mean that you're not allowed to comment, it means that nobody has yet commented.

If I do move, I'll leave up a post to redirect people for awhile before I shut the wordpress site down.

Posted by: gordo | February 11, 2006 at 12:27 AM

Gordo, have more than one blog. One main blog, another side project. you know... where you do all your weird experiment posts/weird HTML tricks/odd contents...

once they work, you move it to your main blog. plus you need a back up blog.

don't worry about commenting. nobody comments until your blog hits several hundred hits a day/after several month. People need to get comfy.

(Is wordpress, traffic analyzer working yet? I haven't check)


Here is comething. I think it's the next step for progressive blogger. PUT picture! It sounds easy, but journalism photo is hard to find. Answer: use FLICKR. There are plenty of amateur photo journalists who put their work on flickr. USE IT.

(You can even link directly, so don't need to upload to any server)

When it come to photo journalism, wingnut, can't compete. This is like early day of blogging. Wingnut is so far behind, they don't know what to make of it.

I am still trying to find a good journalism flickr 'pool'

Most top progressive blogger hasn't cought on this idea yet. but soon.

before i forgot.

Blogsome and use the same engine. wordpress. but blogsome uses the older version 1.5, and wordpress uses 2.0. As of now, there aren't any big practical differences.

Posted by: lambchop, the sock puppet | February 11, 2006 at 12:22 AM

between freebies blog services, wordpress has far better "archive" and "category" than It also has far better comment plugin. The only problem, they insist people not to change the themes. Which is pretty dorky, since all other advance freebie services need to be inserted in the style sheet.

Blogsome let you do all that, except they use older wordpress.


The way I read the blogsome info, you can't put in your own plugins. You need to contact blogsome and have them add the plugins for you. I don't know if I want to go that route.

Thanks for the advice on the backup blog. Blogsome lets you put together a blog that's just for test purposes, so I'm trying to put something together using that.

Posted by: gordo | February 11, 2006 at 07:58 PM

depending what exact functionality you are looking for, most people use pluggin to swat away 'spam' and display some weird data (GPS location etc.see plugin database) Those you cannot add. (I don't think there is any freebie service that will let you install plug in, since that is a server side operation)

the regular item, such as counter, flickr, fancy sidebar feed, etc are all just CSS insert (sort of like adding HTML). They are not plug-ins. doesn't even let you alter theme's CSS code.

blogsome itself come installed with 8 plugins. (anti spam, wysiwyg, spell checker, and search engine plug of sme sort) You can just register and look inside (It's under plug in tab) But yer right, those plug-ins are pretty rudimentary. nothing fancy.

The one you really want is freedom to alter the theme css style sheet. (That's where you can completely remodel your blog beyond standard templetes)

another blogsome advantage, you can upload files (small space 31MB, but better than nothing) wordpress doesn't let you upload.

(also, wordpress doesn't let you change ping list, they turned off that option. that's a major drag since you need to add pings to push your blog to search engine)

anyway, go inside and click on those control pannel and compare what's there and not there. locations are slightly difference between version 1.5 and version 2.0 but they aren't too hard to compare.

of course I don't know exactly what 'features' you are looking for. so I could be very wrong about blogsome vs

to put it simply, if you can get a hand to sheet, you can do whatever people do on and

this is the one you can't do. (since you pretty much need server access to install plugins by hand)

plug-in database


I was wondering why I couldn't activate plugins. I'll have to start shopping for a cheap host so I can get the site to look and function the way I want. Until then, I'll have to rely on my lame content.

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