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February 16, 2006

It almost feels a little like glasnost

Statement Acknowledges Some Government Scientists See Link to Global Warming

Amid a growing outcry from climate researchers in its own ranks, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration backed away from a statement it released after last year's powerful hurricane season that discounted any link to global warming. A corrected statement, which says some NOAA researchers disagree with that view, was posted to NOAA's Web site yesterday.

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Cool...and now if we could all just convince you to take Fantasy Life 2.0 off of livejournal and onto an easier commenter friendly platform...

And today, with their customary modulated tones and cultural reserve, BBC quietly stated that the Greenland icecap is apparently melting at a faster rate than previously calculated... but then got back to serious, cutting-edge journalism with an assessment of Condi Rice's opinion of Iranian policies (& we never heard of Greenland again). ^..^

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