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February 07, 2006

Operation Flag Rescue

Sheesh, I leave the house for a couple of hours and the political theater degenerates into performance art...

Saying the nation's symbol "deserves more respect than the protest message of some liberal hippie," a Missouri state lawmaker has introduced a bill legalizing the use of force to stop someone from desecrating the American flag.

Republican Rep. Sam Gaskill, a former fighter pilot in Vietnam, defended his bill yesterday, insisting the measure would prevent the defilement of an important symbol rather than promote violence.

"You should be able to take hold of the flag and take it off the ground and rescue it," Gaskill said. "If the guy doesn't want to let go of it or he swings back then the person ought to fight back."

When asked if the bill would allow someone to take aggressive action against another person, Gaskill said: "I'm sure they could." ...

Gaskill's latest effort would allow the use of physical force if "the person reasonably believes" such force is necessary to prevent "the defilement or dishonorable destruction" of the flag.

A person using such physical force could not be charged with theft or assault under the bill, which would not allow for the use of deadly force.... [AP]

Hat tip to No More Mister Nice Blog.

Update: I didn't realize that Gaskill introduced this legislation back in 2000, according to the aforementioned AP article, I incorrectly assumed that this his flag protection bill was pending.


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Well at least this lawmaker has his priorities straight.

Is it wrong that I want this bill to pass so it can be appealed and I can read the hilarious opinion?

I wonder what this schmuck would think if, say, Iran passed a law making it legal to burn down a foreign embassy to prevent the defilement or dishonorable portrayal of the Prophet.

Sounds like this guy is the separated-at-birth twin of one of those Danish Imams.

So how the fuck do we dispose of worn out old flags now then!?

Full state burial with marine honor guard and 71 gun salute?

Jesus christ, nothign would stop random militant middle eastern groups from burnign flags like explaining the actual proper way to dispose of flags is with a cleansing flame, and anyway, who the fuck is actually going around burning flags these days, it's a law against straw-hippies FFS!

Thee is always effigy burning. Trust me, Buschco is about as dubious as the Reagan when it come to mysticism.

I for one think, we should hire a voodoo priest and put a jinx on all war criminals in charge.

Iconoclasm gives insight to the internal ideology of a person.

Just sounds like a law goon squads. A bunch of guys show up at a leagal peace rally and say"were just here to uphold this law that prevents you from desacrating the flag" and all of a sudden you have Freikorps. I know thats a little extreme but thats where they would go with it.

Guys, you are missing the point again. Flag burning? Gimme a break. Let me put it this way. There are important stories, stories that can hurt the right. For example, the fact that they knew about the levies, basically proof that they don't give a shit about the man on the street. Then there are stories that make the important stories disappear. The flag story is one of those. A lot of these leftist blogs are completely missing the point, worse, they are playing into the hands of the republicans. Terry Shiavo, Gay Marriage, Flag Burning, etc. etc. These are not stories worth talking about. Even NPR falls into this trap all the time (one reason I've stopped supporting them).

There is a lot of bad shit going on. Wiretapping etc. etc. Even within the wiretapping story there is bait and switch. The discussion suddenly shifts from whether the president should have amended the fisa process or whether he should have .... HELLO! The government is tapping everybody's phone. Democracy has been suspended. We now live in a police state. They can tap YOUR phone, decide you are a terrorist, and you'll have no lawyer and no recourse. Screw the flag. It's a smokescreen. I hope the right wingers wake up, because I don't think even they want to go where we are going.

The AP story is dated December 2000, and Gaskill's homepage says the bill was withdrawn in 2002. Correct thyself, blogosphere.

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