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February 02, 2006

Rangel on the SOTU


Via Shakes' Sis who did the due dilligence on the quotation--it's genuine.

Hat tip to Jedmunds for his Thursday President Blogging.


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It's a pity Rangel is so old-- otherwise he'd be infinitely preferable as a presidential candidate for the dems, as compared to most of the rum lot who look like they're eying '08.

It's a pity Rangel is so old

and so black, intelligent, and outspoken. These things make him completely unelectable, especially when combined.


Whatever his minor shortcomings, Rangel deserves a free vote for that one. A 'Get Into Office Free' card, maybe.

Just wish we didn't have to call the caucasian clown living at 1600 Penn. Ave. "Massah".

Lordy, what a picture! I didn't see the speech-- and had no idea that he was being coached to hold his mouth to resemble Gilbert Stuart's portrait of Washington! What a marvel... ^..^

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