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February 21, 2006

Science Blogs

You are all probably aware of such science blogs as Pharyngula and Panda's Thumb, perhaps RealClimate, Cosmic Variance and Bad Astronomy, and not much else. 

Over the past month or so, I've been trying to put together as many science blogs as possible, loosely following the alphabet and reaching the letter S so far. If you follow the links below, you will be floored at both the number and the quality of the science blogs.  Although I have linked to individual posts, please look around the blogs that appear interesting to you while you are there:

Link-Love: A little bit of science blogging
Link-Love: some more science blogging
Link-Love: science-blogs down the alphabet, Part III
Link-love: more Alphabet Soup of science blogs
Link-Love: science-blogs down the alphabet, Part V
Link-Love: Continuing with the Alphabet of Science Blogs
Link-Love: Continuing with the Alphabet of Science Blogs - Part VII
Link-Love: Science Blogs Qs and Rs
Link-Love: Continuing with the Alphabet of Science Blogs - Part IX


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I thank you, but I oughtn't. I spend too much time reading blogs as it is!

Do you want us to add more in the comments? I hope so, as I'm going to...

Inky Circus is written by three women and describes "life in the girl nerd world". They're trying to start up a print magazine too.

Inkycircus is on there - I read it every day.

I think you omitted the computer science blogs !

Computational Complexity:
Ernie's 3D Pancakes:
Geomblog (me):
Quantum Pontiff:

3D-Pancakes should be there somewhere. I'll add the others before the series is done. Thanks.

I'd be glad to see "In the Pipeline" join the list. You've got quite a collection going here. . .

Thank you - how did I forget you? I am still building my Bloglines list. Even RealClimate was missing until yesterday. There will be at least one more installment to plug in all the ones I missed so far, as well as letters T through Z.

I run a science blog called Science Buzz. Science Buzz is both a website (with a science blog) and an exhibit at the Science Museum of Minnesota. The Buzz Blog is focused on highlighting current issues in science and new research.

Check us out:

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