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February 28, 2006

Squid news

It appears that New York City has ceased to be the greatest city in the world. I mean, the Big Apple is still great, but we lost the giant squid race. I hope our city officials will do whatever is necessary to close the Giant Squid Gap between us and London.

Reader Thom informs me that a giant squid is on display at the London's Natural History Museum. [BBC] Have any readers seen Archie the Squid first hand?

Also, I can't believe I missed this cool squid story in December: A research submarine recently captured the first known photos of baby squid care. [BBC]


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hmmm...that makes one big fried calamari for sure.


Ooo, I've gotta go up that way tommorrow anyway, I'll try to get piccies but my crappy 98os is still refusing to accept that digital cameras exist, so god knows when I'll be able to upload anything.

Any particular areas of interest you want close ups of?

Whatever grabs your fancy, R. I'm sure you'll feel inspired by the sheer ceph-y goodness.

Any particular areas of interest you want close ups of?

Posted by: R. Mildred | February 28, 2006 at 09:08 PM

yeah yeah... the meaty part...

Baby squid care is too cool!

It used to be muskrat love... now it's mollusk love.

Did you know that there is both a an a Apparantly there is room enough on the internet for two blogs devoted solely to squid.

How big does a squid have to be before it's "giant"? I ask becuase that looks more like a really large squid than a giant one to me. I mean, no way that thing could bring down some sort of frigget or fight very much with a sperm whale.

Posted by: Matt | February 28, 2006 at 11:37 PM

hey, that thing is big enough to gobble you up whole instead of the otherway around. That to me qualify enough as giant.

Damn, no squid piccies in the near future, you need to book a private audience with The Squid before they allow you to see it, and this is something I discovered only after a half hour of collecting pictures during the "where's my squid?" phase of the trip ("is that my squid? No! that's not my squid! it goes "Bite me and my bodily autonomy", that's a panda!").

Where does that giant squid get off huh? Too good to be on public display huh? oh look at me I'm a la-di-da giant squid! I'll only allow my highly fragile dead body to be viewed by special, paying, customers!

Goddamn snob.

(a minor point about squids and octopuses: they are some of the most deadly predators on earth because they can attack creatures much much larger than themselves, tigers sharks have been eaten by single octopoids a fraction of their size, it's the tentacles, they allow them to latch on and stay attached to prey in a way that means they can begin chowing down long before the prey has tired itself out trying to shake the unshakable squid or octopus.)

Too cool. Glad you liked the squid news. I'm having trouble understanding the whole "giant" and "colossal" thing too. Here's a link to a "colossal" squid catch, so they say--but the best part is the beak photo. Go to the the third photo down, with the caption that says "The colossal squid has a powerful beak." Click, enlarge, enjoy.

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