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February 09, 2006

The money shot

Nancy Goldstein of The Raw Story asked several bloggers, including me, how we'd spend $100 for progressive politics.


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Nancy Goldstein of The Raw Story asked twenty liberal bloggers the following question: If you had $100 to invest politically, where would it go? She explains: [W]hen I queried folks,... [Read More]


$20 from Feingold? Don't you read The New Republic? Hillary Clinton already locked it up - like infinity years ago!

That's what I like to call TNR Article B. TNR Article A is "[ISSUE] is all about values." That way every single TNR can be expressed entirely as a rhyme structure: AABABA etc.


I agree 100% about Feingold. He is the best thing the Democrats have going.

If I lived in NYC or San Francisco, I would give the $100 to a Republican or Conservative candidate, one trying to stem the tide of liberal orthodoxy.

I'd pay a hooker $100 to blow George Bush, so we could finally impeach the bastard.

I notice you and Avedon Carol disagree sharply about Feingold.

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