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March 31, 2006

And They Cook Too


Ginger Mayerson and Kathy Flake have compiled recipes from around the blogosphere to raise money for Doctors Without Borders. The new cookbook, entitled "And They Cook Too", is now available.

Recipes include Julia's stracciatella in brodo, Pam Spaulding's tarragon chicken salad, Elayne Riggs' guacamole deviled eggs, NTodd's Beef Strogonoff, and many others. (See full table of contents.) Two of my recipes are included as well, my great grandmother's brown bread and my favorite chocolate birthday cake. All this for only $15.00 and all to benefit an excellent cause. Did I mention that Tilde did the graphic design?


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Doctors Without Boarders is an organization of physicians who are confident of their ability to repel pirates, better known by their french name, Medecins Sans Boucaniers.

Or a fanatical faction of the medical fraternity opposed to the taking in of lodgers.

I thought Republicans had a lock on home cooking because we liberals fanatically despise all things related to the home and family values. Man, I'm really out of the loop these days. I've got to start attending our secret commie meetings on Sunday mornings (when all TRUE patriots are at church). We still hate America, right?

We should have a cookoff review - everyone that buys the book make one of the dishes included and provide a review. I'm planning to make the Creamy Tarragon-Jerk Pasta this next week.

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