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March 24, 2006

Ben Domenech is a serial plagiarist

The Washington Post's new right wing blogger isn't just an incoherent extremist. As hilzoy meticulously documents, Ben Domenech is a plagiarist.

The WaPo publishes lesson plans for school children with titles like Research Integrity. Roxanne wonders what the paper is really teaching kids about intellectual ethics by hiring and retaining Domenech.

This is all pretty funny considering what Domenech said about Jayson Blair of May 21, 2003:

Jayson Blair is just one more journalistic pezzonovante amidst a crowd of his peers. The only difference is, he's unashamed of his pretty little lies. In fact, he's proud of them.

Box Turtle Ben says that most journalists are frauds. That's rich.


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What's the over-under on when he'll announce he's quitting "to spend more time with his parents?"

'Pezzonovante'? Does that make sense? A pezzonovante is a power broker, a big gun (literally, a 90 mm). Is is possible that Ben thinks it's a disparaging term because of The Godfather? The movie producer Woltz (who gets the horse's head) is called a pezzonovante in a disparaging tone, but it meant that Woltz was a big shot at the studio. Young Ben is not only a plagiarist, he's a dummy.

if you haven't seen the Red State Stand By Your Ben thread, it is a must.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I am really going to enjoy this flameout.

The RedState reaction has been painful.

You know who on the right had a reasonable reaction to this? Michelle Malkin.

No, seriously!

Thanks, Eli. You're absolutely right.

Gotta give Malkin her due. But watch for the "this all happened because the leftist, liberal Washington Post didn't do their jobs."


Expand the dialog.

He did his purpose well. before his firing, he looked to his fellow 'journalists' at WaPo, and in a Blues Brothers moment admits...

"I've always loved you..."

Nobody pay attention to the POTUS public speech , with people on stage, or the statements that another POTUS will have to stop this war.

The media will sacrifice its own to give Bush cover. He was low on the totem pole.

Malkin's the last person to be lecturing Box Turtle Ben on the virtues of the intellectual. Her disgraceful book on the internment gives all the appearances of "footnote-mining" -- citing primary documents as if they had come from one's own research rather than from the footnotes of other historians. It's not plagiarism as such, but it comes awfully close.

Nonetheless, it's good to see someone on the right sticking up for the principle that actions have consequences.

Google has never heard of "footnote-mining", d (well, pretty much - there's only a few results). Are you sure it's barely above plagiarism? The thing is, when you do literature reviews, in any academic subject, a useful way of finding things is by following references. And then you might find that the chain of references you are following ends in something that is the most canonical, relevant or thorough for the point you want to make. I would hardly consider that a problem in most subjects. But perhaps things are different in history. Please, do enlighten us.

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