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March 30, 2006

Kaloogian blames the troops

The shorter Rep. Ben Kaloogian (R-Ca): It's the army's fault that I tried to pass off a photo of suburban Istanbul as a Baghdad street scene.


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By blaming the Army he's not being very supportive of our brave GIs, n'est-ce pas? Gee whiz, all this time I thought only we Democrats hated the troops.

Ha! I love it. "Post something non-descriptive... say, a picture of a completely different country than the one you're talking about." Well you can't accuse him of posting something descriptive, you gotta give him that.

As Marshall points out, the real joy here is that his claim is that to prove that the media is lying and Baghdad is mostly calm, he was asked by the army to post a non-descriptive picture, because any identifiable people or places would immediately be bombed in retaliation.


still, I've got to wonder if I should be enjoying this saga as much as I am. Remember, he's in something like a 4-way primary, and I have trouble believing he's all that well known in his district. If I'm right that he's relatively obscure, well, no publicity is bad publicity, and now he's going to his supporters and saying "look how scared the vast left-wing conspiracy is of me." Doesn't strike me as a bad tactic, for a winger, and to really appreciate what a fool he's been (rather than think maybe it was a simple mistake blown out of proportion) requires some real inside baseball appreciation of this fiasco.

to be fair, i don't think kaloogian's statement can be read as blaming the u.s. military for the mistake. but i do think that his statement proves that he's a big fat liar and that it also makes no sense.

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