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March 21, 2006

Koufax endorsements

My picks for the Koufax awards:

Pandagon for superior Poly-bloggery (Best Group Blog)

3QD for being Top Quarks (Most Deserving of Wider Recognition)

Scott Lemieux for supreme Supreme Court coverage (Best Series)

Effect Measure for excellence in Propagation of the Faith, Or Lack Thereof (Best Expert Blog)

Pharyngula for Special-est Special Interest (Best Single Issue Blog)

Norbizness for outstanding achievement in Memetic Arts and Sciences (Best Blog Commenter)

Chris Clarke for that amazing post about his stepdad and the ladder which I reread every so often just to savor it. (Best Post) [Voting link for Best Post fixed]

Mad Melancholic Feminista for Recently Becoming Ready-To-Hand (Best New Blog)

Kung Fu Monkey for Factor Analysis, specifically his analysis of The Crazification Factor (Most Humorous Post)


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Just a reminder that you can still vote for Pharyngula in the Koufaxes (if you haven't already done so) in 6 different categories! You could click on the link and leave a comment that just says "Pharyngula!", or, since their... [Read More]


Those are all great, but I especially second Scott's supreme court coverage and Chris's ladder post. I think the ladder post may be the most moving piece of blog reading I've ever read.

I'm right up there with both of you when it comes to voting for Chris Clarke's "Ladder post" as Best Post. It takes your breath away. Although, technically, that very odd critter was never really Chris' step father.

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