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March 05, 2006

Koufax voting begins/The Majikthise shortlist

The first round of voting is underway for the coveted Koufax Awards. Named for the celebrated left-handed pitcher Sandy Koufax, the awards are an annual celebration of the best of the liberal blogosphere.

Here is a link to all of the 2006 Koufax Award categories.

Majikthise has been shortlisted in the Best Blog (vote here soon) and Best Writing (vote here). To vote, scroll down to the bottom of the thread and write "Majikthise" in the comments box. One vote per poster, per category, please. This first round of voting will determine which blogs advance to the finals, at which point there will be a second ballot.

Here's some of the work I've done this year at Majikthise that I'm especially proud of:

Terri Schiavo coverage: Lies Terri Schiavo's parents told me and Lies 17 "medical experts" threw at me.

Liveblogging Katrina from New Orleans: The Convention Center, Chatting with mercenaries, Morgue mishap: Kyle and Majikthise got to prison, The bus to Lafayette, Drinking with DMORT. Also, FEMA spinning death toll, in which I accused the authorities of willfully misleading the public by overstating the efficacy and comprehensiveness of early searches). My suspicions were borne out by subsequent mainstream media investigations. Here is a gallery of my original photographs of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

Tom DeLay perp walk: In October, Majikthise readers sponsored my trip to Austin and a photo equipment upgrade so that I could cover then-House Majority Leader Tom DeLay's first court appearance on money laundering charges. Happily, I was able to deliver these delicious Perp walk photos.

Analytic philosophy: Relativism case study and What's wrong with relativism.

My nominees for the other Koufax Awards:

Best Sponsored/Professional Blog: AmericaBlog. For breaking the Ganon/Guckert manwhore-media-mole story, sponsoring Kyle Shank to cover the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, and fighting General Motors on gay rights, amongst other things. (site)

Best Blog Community: MyLeftWing (site)

Best New Blog: I Blame the Patriarchy (site)

Most Deserving of Wider Recognition: 3quarksdaily (site) and The Happy Feminist (site)

Best Single Issue Blog: Effect Measure (site)

Best Post: Jeanne of Body and Soul for The German Shepherd and the Salvadoran Pastor. (Some of the best coverage of the conclave/confirmation of Pope Benedict in any medium, in my opinion.)

Best Series: Scott Lemieux for his Supreme Court nomination coverage (site)

Best Expert Blog: Bitch Ph.D. (site)

Best Group Blog: Pandagon (site)

Most Humorous Blog: James Wolcott (site)

Most Humorous Post: Kung Fu Monkey for The Crazification Factor

Best Local Blog: Thoughts From Kansas (site)

Best Commenter: Chris Clarke (who also blogs here)


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I love Bitch PhD and would vote for her for something, but what's she an expert on?

It can't be bitchiness, because that's a first-order practice, not an area of expertise. And she's not exactly an expert in the second order study, Bitch Science, either.

Good luck with both your nominations, Lindsay. You have my support.

If I'm not mistaken, Dr. B is an expert on the academia, and on feminism; at least that's what the Koufax post says.

I voted for you for Best Writing, by the way. Now go get 'em...

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