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March 01, 2006

Lionel Hutz never had it so good

Attorney Neon Sign, originally uploaded by robot_kills_robot.

A random Flickr find.

The caption makes photo:

I received this sign as part of my fee on a case I took in 2003. I helped the owner of a neon-sign shop get out of some trouble...the case worked out well and he "tipped" me with the sign.

I wonder what kind of work he did for the neon sign artist.

Eli, when you graduate, you've gotta get a sweet sign like this one.


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I, of course, will. And I'll have a big inflatable gorilla as well, hopefully.

To toss in a bit of self-endorsement, I've just posted my first long legal blog post in quite a while at my new home, where I plan to join the ranks of full-name-using bloggers.

Perhaps you (Majikthise) should get a sign that says "Philosopher."

There's a palm/tarot reader not far from the UMD College Park with a big neon sign. I've always thought that it would be cool to replace her shop with a gaudily advertized philosophy shop where you pay for a perfectly rational discussion.

I think I know what I'm going to ask for when I do the blog redesign!

When I was in high school, I worked in the mail room of a firm that represented the inventor of a type of material uses for floormats. Every coaster in the office was made of it.

togolosh, I've had the same idea for a philosophy shop.

we're onto something.

ps: analytical philosophy and liberal politics... why wasn't I already here?

nice site, hello again.

What, like this?

It probably really pulls in all those impulse-buying lawsuits.

chri - yes! very much like that! Also with a Karaoke machine that has the Philosopher's Drinking Song.

Everyone should have a sign like that. JP Morgan should have a huge one, three stories high, that flashes

---- open 24 hours!

It should be flickering and buzzing quite a bit. Maybe "Ambulance Chaser!" should be below it, but a separate sign, duct-taped to the big sign.

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