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March 24, 2006

Malkin denounces Domenech

If Ben Domenech has lost Michelle Malkin, he's lost Red America.


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Et tu Michelle?

Let's just reiterate that Ben Domenech was Michelle Malkin's editor at Regnery. You know, the one who's supposed to fact-check her work and hold her to some editorial standard? That alone should be enough to disqualify him from working at any reputable publication.

Poor kid.

She has an uncanny ability to get under my skin. So the blogs which uncovered his plagiarism are "moonbat hordes?" What about the blogs that unconvered the fake Rather memo, are those "wing nut" hordes (or some other such pejorative label) No, of course not. Those are just good, old, American as apple pie, blogs.

So "the Left" should cease its "sick gloating" and let it go. Like "the Right" has ceased its, I guess in malkin speak, approprate gloating over the Rather incident and let that go? Wait, a second, they haven't.

F@cking hypocrites.

"leave him and his family alone." I love it. What family? His White House Abramoff-liason dad? At least Claude Allen really HAS a family that he could implausibly say he wanted to spend more time with. Republican families - it's what you hide behind when everyone can see you're a crook.

Since no one at is taking responsibility, it's time to pay some attention to The Washington Post Company, which owns the paper and the website (email address and sample email here).

I sort of see Malkin refusing to defend some embattled conservative figure as the moment of right-wing surrender. Abramoff and Michael Brown were two previous instances -- when Malkin gave up on them, you knew that defending them was no longer in the talking points.

Superdude, you're comparing this guy.. Who's 24 hour old blog is posted online in the WP, and of whom 99% of people have never even heard of to Dan Rather and his nationally televised former gaffe on CBS News!?

Try to get over your hysteria, or at least leave that train of thought which is going nowhere fast.

That was, me, not Superdude.

And I'm not comparing who is more famous, I'm comparing behavior. Malkin approves of a certain type of behavior when people she agrees with does it, denounces it when someone she disagree with it. If you don't believe it, well, you've haven't followed much Malkin.

My hysteria, right. She's asserting that this no name blogger is being unfairly hounded by "moonbat hordes." This no name blogger was a hack plagiarist. But Dan Rather is a respected reporter with a long history of service in the field, certainly he'd deserve to be treated with at least as much respect as this blogger.

Malkin and her cohorts have no problem calling for the end of someone's career then gloating over it, well, indefinitely, as long as they can identify that person as being on the left.

That's hypocritical.

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