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March 21, 2006

TDBlog interviews Dr. David Nicholl

The Talking Dog interviews Dr. David Nicholl a British neurologist and human rights activist. Dr. Nicholl was on of the lead signatories of a letter to the editor of the The Lancet decrying the force-feeding of Gitmo detainees as a human rights abuse. The remarkable Dr. Nicholl also ran a marathon dressed in an orange jumpsuit and shackles to raise money for Amnesty International and draw attention to the plight of Gitmo detainees.

Words to the wise from Dr. N:

When I saw my TV interview, I realized that you shouldn't talk about human rights after running, there is just too much adrenaline going- you look angry, and hence people think you're probably a nutter!

I often give Christians and religious people a hard time on this blog. I just wanted to mention that Dr. Nicholl came to human rights activism relatively late in life after becoming a Christian. It's nice to see someone who really takes the best of their religious doctrine to heart.


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There's an error in his quote. From my youthful track team days (shotput, discus), I can attest: long distance runners look like nutters because they are.

Fie on all who disagree.

I'm sure that Dr Nutter will rest easy, knowing that you have sifted through his Christian commitments and deemed their upshot acceptable.

You mean Christians aren't all the same?

Nah, it's neurologists who're nutters.

"...I often give Christians and religious people a hard time on this blog"

NO, you are not able to give true practicing Christians a hard time. Those whom you give a hard time are 'religious' people. There is a vast difference which is apparently lost upon you--but then in your omniscient and intense arrogance much is lost upon you.

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