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March 07, 2006

Wingnut petri dish

Mike Stark from Calling All Wingnuts got through to self-professed prolife radio host Andrew Wilkow:

In a nutshell… One of the bloggers at firedoglake asked a key question that should be asked of all pro-lifers that calim to believe that life begins at conception. To wit:

You find yourself in a blazing fertility clinic - the fire is ferocious. In one corner there is a two year old girl. In another, there is a petri dish with five fertilized blastula in it. You can rescue one or the other, but not both. Which do you rescue, the girl or the petri dish?

The follow up question is, of course, “Well, why don’t we see pro-lifers demonstrating outside fertility clinics?”

Hilarity ensues. My favorite part is when Wilkow starts ranting about how there's no right answer to the conundrum. If he saves the five blastocysts and leaves the baby, his listeners will doubt his sanity. If he saves the child, he's not really pro-life! So, in classic winger logic he blames Mike for proposing a moral dilemma that he can't resolve.

Now he's whining that Mike put the what he said on the radio on the internet:

"Mike ya know I thought you were a good person to bounce things off of. But you really a little baby. You sit home all day and call talk radio. Then you take you pathetic excuse for a "win" and you go running around beating your drum.'re a loser. Anyone can plan to get someone hot under the collar. Fine, maybe you did that...whoopee. In the real world you lost that asinine argument. Don't ever contact me either by phone or e-mail. Take as a way to tell your 5 friends that you go to me."

Mike's blog quickly ran through its bandwidth, so Crooks and Liars is hosting the audio. Hat tip to Firedog Lake.

See firedoglake for more winger reactions. One Wilkow supporter asks whether firemen have the technology to rescue a petri dish.

The perfect union of philosophy and prank calls. It's a beautiful thing.


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Ticking timebombs - so difficult to make quick decisions and show judgment.

So Wilkow called him a loser for listening to talk radio? I always suspected that the wingnut talkers thought that their listeners were a bunch of idiots.

An ethical dilemma that's been proven intractable! Mathemeticians and philosophers agree: There is no solution!


The right-wing 'one-size-fits-all' solution applies to the fertility clinic problem:

'Kill 'em all and let God sort 'em out!'

Problem solved.

Well Eli flamed me the last time I pointed out a right-winger's grammatical error, but I really can't understand this sentence:

Take as a way to tell your 5 friends that you go to me.


Perhaps he was posing an intractable grammatical conundrum, to get even.

So glad others think like me--I suggested years ago to an embryo stem cell research advocate that "prolifers" would rescue petri dishes instead of real people from burning buildings. Saddam should have surrounded Bagdad with fertility clinic petri dishes to avert the Shock and Awe! Here are more head scratchers for wingnuts: Dems should introduce "gotcha laws"--like criminalizing fathers, pols, and priests whose imposed childbirths maim or murder mothers. Imagine politicians, pedophile priests, and the wife-dumping adulterer Randall Terry doing life for every woman killed in childbirth??? Imagine adulterous Repug Congressman Don Sherwood doing 5 years because his wife wears Depends diapers because childbirth wrecked her bladder and bowels! Viagra should be banned for single men. Married users should have their names published, in case their wives aren't getting any, but the mistresses are. Viagra prescriptions should come with waiting periods, pamphlets with ugly pictures of breast and face cancers caused by pregnancy. Pro-choicers should hire cheater decoys to catch adulterous Repugs on camera. Anti-choicers should have their garbage media searched for evidence of adultery, contraception and early abortions caused by smoking, alcohol, or caffeine. "Pro-life" broodmare biddies need the embarrassment of media funerals for their coffee-aborted embryos found on discarded tampons. What's good for the petri dish is good for the tampon. Randall Terry needs to be harrassed about his adultery and his new broodmare's coffee abortions. Dems should ban non-procreative ejaculations by anti-choice men and coffee-drinking by their ugly broodmares. Vagina cop Judy Brown of American Life League should be harrassed about her funding by pedophiles, marching orders by Nazi genocider Pope Paul VI who funded the slaughter of 500,000 non-Catholic "sinner" Serb Christians in 1942, and her slut daughter. Dems should ban pain killers for Repug childbirths because that's how "God punished Eve." Women should go on a global birth strike to avoid childbirth bladder and bowel injuries, related cancers, and to thwart pedophile priests.

Take as a way to tell your 5 friends that you go to me.

I think that's a typo for "got to me."

You're a cunt and an embarassment to our tribe

Let's not forget that the Left produces its own so-called "wingnuts" who would rather save the lives of convicted criminals on death row than innocent pre-natal lives.

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