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April 29, 2006

Ex-FDA chief faces criminal charges

Former FDA commissioner Dr. Lester M. Crawford is facing criminal charges:

Dr. Crawford resigned in September, fewer than three months after the Senate confirmed him. He said then that it was time for someone else to lead the agency.

The next month, financial disclosure forms released by the Department of Health and Human Services showed that in 2004 either Dr. Crawford or his wife, Catherine, had sold shares in companies regulated by the agency when he was its deputy commissioner and acting commissioner. He has since joined a Washington lobbying firm, Policy Directions Inc.

The criminal investigation was disclosed at a court hearing in a lawsuit over the F.D.A.'s actions on the emergency contraceptive Plan B, a subject of bitter contention during Dr. Crawford's tenure as acting commissioner and commissioner. After the pill's maker, Barr Laboratories, applied three years ago to sell the pill over the counter, the agency repeatedly delayed making a decision on the application. [NYT]

News of the criminal case against Crawford came to light because of a civil suit over delays in the approval of Plan B.


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Have there been any honest members of the Bush administration?

I'd like to say that this is shocking, but at this point for this point for this administration it's par for the course.

So many scandals, so little time. Less than 1000 day, in fact. But the damage, I'm afraid, is permanent.


Nothing in politics is permanent. Germany and Japan are doing relatively well these days, despite having gone through more trying times.

Thanks godo, I actually feel better. Good point, although the damage is more institutional, than political.

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