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April 20, 2006

Iran blogs

Two additions to the blogroll:

Nader Davoodi's amazing Iran photoblog. Do yourselves a favor and peruse his archives. The images and accompanying commentary are outstanding.

S'CAN-IRANIC, "the perrenial perspectives of a secular Canuck-Iranic otherwise known as Shahram Kholdi"


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I'm taking my cue from Majikthise -- who today posted about two Iran-based blogs -- in presenting two excellent sites on Sudan. Sudan: The Passion of the Present provides an extremely comprehensive picture of the situation in Darfur. It is [Read More]


How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb?

Darn. Did it again. Wrong Post for comment. [Shoot self in head pantomime]

thanks for the links. Davoodi's site is striking.

it could do some good for u.s. citizens to be looking at his images and reading his commentaries right now.

Here's another Iran-centric photoblog that intrigues:

Hey, I just goofed on Alberto Gonzales on my blog.
Can I get some blogroll love, too?

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