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April 30, 2006

Sunday Sermonette: Chuck Colson's prison indoctrination

The Justice Department is planning a faith-based pre-release program. Well, if by "faith" you mean Chuck Colson's brand of evangelical Christianity...

The Justice Department plans to set aside cellblocks at up to half a dozen federal prisons for an ambitious pilot program to prepare inmates for release. But it has produced an outcry by saying that it wants a private group to counsel the prisoners according to a single faith.

The plans do not specify what that faith must be, but they appear to rule out secular counseling or programs that offer inmates guidance in a variety of faiths.

The Washington-based advocacy group Americans United for Separation of Church and State charged in a letter to Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales that the Justice Department's Bureau of Prisons has tailored its bidding requirements to fit one particular program: an immersion in evangelical Christianity offered by Charles W. Colson's Prison Fellowship Ministries. [WaPo]

Yes, that's the Watergate Chuck Colson.

Via The Raw Story.


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Ah, Watergate. How nice that it's the scene of the crime(s) once again for the Republican party, this time with hookers. At least they're putting the hotel rooms to proper use.

Fuckers (literally amd figuratively). OT, but it had to be said, IMHO.

On Anonymity in Blogland:
or not! Good intentions; served up with ulterior motives. The slight of hand is magic. Or is it?

I'd walk over my own grandmother for Jesus Christ!

Colson's a con-artist of the highest order.

Colson has been running his prison ministry scam here in Texas on with tax payers footing the bill. His program is so ineffective, they omitted any participants who dropped out of their program or re-offended in the study they produced to prove their program works.

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