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May 04, 2006

A comic on Steven Colbert

John Rogers on Steven Colbert's correspondent's dinner routine. I'm just sorry that Rogers doesn't do standup anymore.


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John Rogers' opinion on Colbert's routine is by far the best I've read to date. I couldn't agree with him more. Colbert KNEW he was pissing off the majority of his audience, but that was PRECISELY the point. He wasn't trying to entertain THEM, he was trying to entertain US by pissing THEM off. And he did it masterfully. Everything Colbert said was true, so he did nothing in bad taste a la Don Imus. Anyone on the left who thinks he went too far has some seriously fucked-up priorities. Let us examine this more closely:

1. Bush: Has been either wholly or partly responsible for an illegal war, unlawful detentions, torture, illegal domestic spying, criminal negligence in response to a natural disaster, the largest deficit growth in world history, corruption of the entire political process, election rigging, environmental destruction, and weakening of civil liberties.

2. Colbert: Embarrassed the president at a fancy dinner.

And people are saying Colbert crossed a line by pointing out what has been painfully obvious to us on the left and most of the world for the past 5 years?!? Give me a fucking break.

Colbert was brilliant, which cannot be said for Bush and his administration.

John Rodger's post is excellent.

Nice essay. Similar thoughts from Slate's TV critic here.

I was suprised,actually, that Lindsey didn't say something about this sooner. Like Monday!

Yes, I loved Rogers' remarks on Colbert. And if John Rogers were to do one more tour of standup, and landed in Toronto, I'd sell my soul for a ticket.

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