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May 05, 2006

CIA director Porter Goss resigns

Goss is gone. He sure went quietly. Bush announced his departure today.


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He sure went quietly...

And quickly, apparently. Very quickly...

mojo sends

AS a friend of mine just said: "I smell hookers!"

As a friend of mine just said: "I smell hookers!"

Yes, but why do you think Goss resigned?

How fucking embarassing would it be if America's then- TOP SPY got CAUGHT for patronizing prostitutes?

As a friend of mine just said: "I smell hookers!"

How much does your friend pay the hookers to let him smell them?

Damn, they have a higher turnover rate than Burger King up in there.

Even if it was only a power strugle between Goss and Negraponte, which is the current MSM spin, it's still doesn't speak well for our - well our security, frankly.

Cue the Roy Cohn quotes from "Angels in America". I'm doing the happy dance. Please, please, please let Jeff Gannon be involved. Pleeeeeaaaaaasssssseeeeee.

I think the Profumo affair sets the gold standard for this sort of thing. If even half the rumors are true we could top it. Interesting times.

Wait, what are the rumors? and where are they?

sorry, I'm in a spoon-feed-me-my-juicy-gossip mood.

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