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May 03, 2006

Homestar Runner's "Strong Dad" dies


Donald Chapman, a creator of the animated series Homestar Runner has died:

Mr. Chapman was born June 5, 1939 in Winamac, Indiana and moved from Indianapolis to Atlanta in 1980. A graduate of Indiana University, he was a certified public accountant. From 2000 until his death he was the heart and soul of a company his sons established. [Atlanta Journal Constitution]

The late Mr. Chapman was known to his sons as "Strong Dad"--a reference to the popular Homestar Runner character Strongbad the Mexican Wrestler (pictured at left).

(Via Loren in Vancouver.)


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Was Chapman Sr. one of the creators of HSR? I thought that was wholly the Bros. Chaps.

I'm confused on that point. I know he was at least founder the Homestar Runner website/company--but I'm not sure how much input he had on the creative side. My brother's email described him as an HSR creator.

The site was run by the father and his two sons. The sons known as The Brothers Chaps were involved with the animation, site design and the voices, but the father was influential in the development of characters and stories featured on their site. In StrongDad's obituary it says that he was the heart and soul

Sad news.

Good jyorbbb, Mr. Chapman.

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