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May 08, 2006

House and Senate Intel chairs oppose Hayden for CIA

The Republican chairs of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees are already raising serious concerns about the president's likely replacement for Porter Goss at the CIA, General Michael Hayden .

It is troubling enough that the executive branch is about to name a general to head the CIA, a civilian agency. It's even more troubling that the president seems prepared to disregard the most senior members of the legislative branch who specialize in intelligence.

Hayden is a former member of the NSA and an architect of Bush's domestic spying program:

White House officials also said they would not shy away from a fight with Democrats over what Bush has termed a "terrorist surveillance program," if that becomes the focus of Hayden's hearings. With the country essentially divided on the effort, which has allowed the NSA to scan the calls and e-mails of more than 5,000 Americans, the president has more support on that issue than most others. [WaPo]

I'm looking forward to Hayden's confirmation process. It's going to be all about domestic spying.  Russ Feingold will have another chance to shine.


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If Hayden doesn't work out, Harriet Meyers could always step in.

You know, I had a similar thought. Maybe Hayden is the 100% unacceptable sop nominee who will get chewed up and spat out, only to make the slightly-more palatable extremist seem like a reasonable compromise.

I don't think things are that well planned in the White House these days. I think they had to come up with a replacement overnight, and didn't have time to run it past their own party members in the house and senate.

The idiotic choice may help Bushco out, though, by distracting people from asking why Goss had to leave in such a hurry to begin with.

Hayden is the next Miers. Someone whose record will not merit selection and pave the way for someone more political and arguably less qualified.

OT- Someone on Adult Swim using your handle got a tease placed in their network bumps on the late evening.

OT- Someone on Adult Swim using your handle got a tease placed in their network bumps on the late evening.

What does that mean? Doesn't sound good. Thanks for letting me know.

"Hayden is the next Miers"

OK. Hayden is real close to Cheney and Negroponte. He is no Miers, no Bush flunky, Hayden is the real deal. They want him. But with such instant strong opposition from Congress, which they had to know in advance, how do they get Hayden confirmed?

Letter from Iran"

Steve Clemons thinks one possibility is that Iran is making a last-ditch desperate effort to either avoid the war or look good after it starts. In other words, the planes are nearly in flight.

Ain't I cheery?

Let's just say that the Senate actually gets themselves some cojones, and rejects a Bush nominee. Any bets placed on whether he does an end-run recess appointment? Assuming BushCo likes the guy that much.

All it means is that somebody else who reads Douglas Adams decided to appropriate the name of the same minor character you did.

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