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May 07, 2006

Ned Lamont's powers of mind-control

I always knew CT senate primary challenger Ned Lamont was an attractive candidate--fighting Dem, good fundraiser, a warm Democratic body who happens not be be Joe Lieberman.

It is becoming increasingly clear that Ned Lamont also has highly developed powers of mind control. How else do you explain why Jon Chait says he wants Lieberman to win even though he thinks Lieberman is a bad senator. Chait wants Holy Joe to win because a Lieberman loss would be a rebuke to pro-war Dems everywhere.

This is exactly what Ned Lamont wants him to say! Matthew Yglesias spells it out:

Indeed, it seems to me that a person who genuinely wants Lieberman to win really ought to avoid making this argument. Connecticut Democrats overwhelmingly oppose the war, and if the main argument in Lieberman's favor is that a Lieberman win is necessary to maintain congressional support for misguided military actions then Lieberman is certain to lose. If you want Lieberman to win, you need to convince people that this isn't what the practical impact of the vote is going to be.

Old political rule of thumb: in a contested primary, always bet on the candidate with advanced mentalistic powers.


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Psylocke 08!

Unless, of course, we can draft Jean Grey, or better yet, Dark Phoenix. Also, your link to my post is broken.

Gosh, isn't logic a beautiful thing in and of itself?

On a national level, Losing Senator Lieberman would be devastating to the Democratic Party. With Southern conservative Democrats a dying breed – Senators like Lieberman give the Party a much needed moderate/hawkish/religious hue. Am I the only one who recalls that the last time the Democrats were successful was under the leadership of the “third way” DLC styled Southern Governor – Bill Clinton?

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