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May 07, 2006

Supplemental Sunday Sermonette: Julia Sweeney's "Letting Go Of God"

Clinging, originally uploaded by p2wy.

PZ Myers notes that Julia Sweeney (who played the androgynous "Pat" from Saturday Night Live) has a new play out called "Letting Go of God."

Also, via PZ, immortality for naturalists--a zoologist explains what happens when animals die in trees.


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An excerpt from her play was broadcast on This American Life. Her segment begins at 28:55.

I saw the show. It was very, very good. Recommended.

Thank you. I would not have seen this.

Er. Sweeney.

Ditto Pansauce's catch, and I believe (not on the website yet) she recorded a longer bit for the TAL episode broadcast one week ago. Hopefully it'll be up in a while.

Whoops---that may have been an old episode re-broadcast. My bad.

I have been trying to purchase this CD for 6 months!!! Is it out there yet???? (Letting go of God???) PLEASE let me know where and when I can buy this. It s fab!!!!!!

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