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May 21, 2006

Swords Crossed

Swords Crossed, originally uploaded by Lindsay Beyerstein.

More pictures from this weekend's B-I-N-G-O Benefit Party for Cecilia Fire Thunder & Pro-Choice Mississippi are up on Flickr.

The blue-haired lovlies are the Missile Dick Chicks, raunchy cousins of Billionaires for Bush.

The party raised $500 for Cecilia Fire Thunder and Pro-Choice Mississippi, and a good time was had by all.


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Trevino's the one on the left, right?

Is that a rocket in your pocket or are you just happy to meet me?

Majik- the adult swim fan mail features comments int heir commercial breaks for in-house ads. (Called a tease).

That was my previous comment on someone using the same 'handle' or nickname.

As for Hayden, on previous threads, the reason he's in is Iran. Goss out means Iran war is on the fast track.

Hayden was with NSA when 9-11 went down, he was part of the effort to scrtub its ranks of experience. He went after career pros who were Democrats, or for hyped up instance of lifestyles.

The reason we won the cold war was an abiding allowance of persons to be who they are. The new cold paradigm is not an iron curtain, it is an idealogical cloud of culture and religion used to insulate a ruling class in the third world.

The insulation is being applied here to keep oligarchs warm and cozy while fighting the result of their very policies abroad.

They purged people for lifestyle choices before 9-11 to create a backlog glut of INTEL. Then Bushco. abandoned traditional means from that point to craft false narrative via torture.

Miers was a Bushco pick, part of the failed August 6rh briefing. This new CIA nominee is the latest example of Bush promoting the people closest to his failures.

Negroponte- Iran Contra. Condi- August 6th failures. Miers-ditto.

Hayden is par for the course.

I hate it when a woman is hung better than I am.

Rumor of the day: Missile Dick Chicks are the only instance of anyone being charged with violating NY's obscenity law while being fully dressed.

If this pic doesn't make the Christian Right fund Star Wars(tm) anti missile shields, nothing will...

So are those things just for show, or do they know what to do with them?

Houston, we have a party!

There's always a feather boa involved, isn't there?

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